Ballista Blitz Event Issue

Currently, points are not being received when using a crate token or spending gold to open the ballista crate. I have opened numerous crates and still am sitting at 0 points. A little help would be appreciated!

Hello! This issue have been reported to the team and it’s fixed. It will be working better soon!

The issue is still happening as I tested it just now, any idea on when I will get those rewards?

Correction, I got the 1 for the test crate opened, but I opened at least 50+ crates beforehand and still have not been recredited

Guys, i opened 7 Ballista crates with the daily tokens but the game shows only 6. One is missing. Please check this issue.

They don’t seem to be giving any helpful info with this. I haven’t gotten a reply in 2 days and when I had my friend look for help on the discord the answer wasn’t exactly amazing

Ballista blitz was a bit bugged, they fixed it now. Please message supercharge using this email to get your token compensated.

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