Ballista Event issue still

Hey, I am submitting another ticket because I was told all tickets were solved and responded to but clearly it’s not the case as my messages have not been responded to ranging from a day to 4 days. I still have not received the rewards from opened crates before the issue was resolved. I had purchased all special offers and opened over 100 crates yet I do not have any of the rewards for the event track. My in game name is the same as my name on the forums. Please help with this issue before the end of the event, as this is an issue not only for me but others as well

Hii…i have lost my one token too…due to game bug

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Please message supercharge using this email to get your token compensated.

What if I did for all the tokens I bought and still haven’t gotten emailed back from the in game support?

Patience… it’s a new company and they don’t know their way around quite yet. :man_shrugging:t2::+1:t2:

Hello! I checked with the support and your ticket was replied and solved on June 20 at 12:49 PM UTC-3.

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