Irezumi crate tokens?

Today I open app and I was ready to get 4 irezumi crate tokens, but nothing…, that windows not open, it jumps on daily rewards, reset app 2 times but nothing, not 4 tokens lol. Any help?

Contact support is the best option so they can look into it

Same thing happened to me too

Ask help support center but I think it not help much

for you lacked imagine for me I gathered the 10 coins and opened it at once and only hero came 3 stars 40% of the frags of ORO KKKKKKKK AND LIFE

Same issue here as well, notified support about it this morning (Central European Time). Still very early morning in Canada though, so must be patient… :slight_smile:

oh, that was probably not good, well then I just say, I have the same problem

Many players are facing the same problem. You shouldn’t expect any compensation/reward because no matter how many tickets you raise to support, you are going to get similar replies . The only thing to do is move on .
Luckily many players faced this issue, so Munnin acknowledged the same with a post on the forum and hopefully this problem gets solved by the time there is a new hero release next month.

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