He skipped the anniversary bonus! after reset

I am every day a couple of hours online but today he skipped the bonus.

And I am not the only one with this.


Write to support with all the details. Raise not one but couple of tickets about the incident. The support guys , they are your last ray of hope, if they give you the reward than all is fine but if not than you just have to accept it and move on…
I faced the same problem during Duran Features Crate Tokens - Got Day 5 reward twice but no Day 4 reward. Got 200 Rat Tokens twice but lost on the best reward 4 Duran Feature Crate Token.
4 Duran Feature Token = atleast 60*4 = 240 Fragments.
However I didn’t got the appreciated support from the in-game support and lost on the rewards , felt extremely sad and then had to move on…

The token didn’t show up in the inventory.

I don’t get today reward, and support center don’t see problem, soo yeah y get for free so sit quite

I had the same problem and I know a buch of people who had this problem too (some of them in both events). First I decided to move on; then I changed my mind and tried to contact support (because if I said something in forums I was going to be addressed to support). And, as always (in my case), support gave me no real solution, so I moved on.

Prepare to have no tokens in day 4 of current (and possibly) future events. I wish you good luck with this.

So many people have this issue. Yet it’s the “players” fault they didn’t get it

When this happened to me before they told me i didnt login for the day lol which is ridiculous

I have faced this issue both during Klayton Feature Crate Token and then again during Duran Feature Crate Token . Thought I was the odd one out , facing the issue because of my different UTC Time zone.

Communication with Support Guys is difficult as we have to raise a new ticket each time we try to explain a thing. From the experience of other games ,I know the best thing when we face a issue , is to report it immediately without a delay to the developers. Other games have refunded the reward back to me .But with HH it didn’t happen and I just had to accept it and move on . But I am glad this issue is looked in detail by the developers and a solution will be worked out soon.

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