Barricade's weapon

Does Barricade’s cannon have splash damage?

Isn’t this cannon too old for modern military use ?

wont know until we use her in battle. but she is like a clone of keel.

as far as weapons go, its a cannon. and we have heroes that use crossbows and even a slingshot.

Ah ok thanks for telling me GIR

Barricade is from Teraventa, and fantasy themed world. They don’t have a modern military like we do here, both in game and real life.

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She is from Terraventa. Which is a game with basically the same mechanics but other heroes and a fantasy theme. There they use more primitive and fantasy weapons.
Venom. Snaps. Barricade. Kiyoshi. Gunsmoke. Warden. Elixir. Jackal. Stratus are terraventa

Oooh ok thanks for these informations

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