Baron and why he sucks right now

I really want to like this guy. On paper he actually seems similar to Savage who we all know is amazing. But hes has major downfalls that just make him terrible.

The major issue is his health/armor ratio. For a guy with a huge clip (meaning he will stand up longer from behind cover) and a taunt ability, his armor and health seem lower than they should be. Plus, for a guy whose focus is designed around destroying cover, he doesnt do it the best.

Personally I think he needs a slightly smaller clip with more damaging rounds. And/or maybe an ability or overall boost to his bullets against cover. Right now he feels like he has little purpose; hes not a strong taunter, hes not a great damage dealer, and hes not great at destroying cover. Overall, he feels like a liability and just a crappy brother of Savage.

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I think a small problem is comparing him to Savage who is ultimately one of the strongest tanks right now. However, i do agree with you in regards to baron. Hes weak in all categories you have mentioned. His gun doesn’t do any damage to barricades, which is suppose to be his strong suit. He really does need a lot of help, tbh.

I mainly compare to Savage since both are front liners and more destructive than pure defensive characters like Cast. The difference is Savage can take a lot of punishment (which is good since he stands alot and is a big target), but can also lay down plenty of damage with his silver ability.

Ultimately they are tank/dps combo type heroes. However, one is clearly better than the other in many ways. I dont necessarily want Baron to be a damage dealer in the same way, but he should be much better at destroying cover if thats his focus. That plus some survivability will give him a home and a purpose.

Agreed, if his focus is to destroy cover than he should do exactly that! He is very lackluster in that category. There are a lot of heroes who fall into a category like that.

True - I also see Francoise as a major let down in terms of power and abilities. But, I figured I would work start with Baron and gauge what others think on the forums. I assume the devs read these and I know they have tweaked guys in the past.

Plus his gold skill doesn’t activate at all.

really? I did not know that. I actually only saw him once in gold in pvp and i thought it actually did go off since he seemed sturdier than normal, but since I dont have mine to gold yet I dont even know. Seems like a lot of work for not even that much benefit.

I would rather his gold ability be a passive that gives him a nice boost to hp and armor and does X amount of extra damage to cover (X amount scales as you lvl the ability). Totally fits his vibe, makes him worth building to gold, and gives him his own theme that makes sense.