Battle Points (bps)

Now, I’ve been looking all over this forum for this answer/suggestion, so if it was already addressed, apologies up front and also point me to the post please.

Anyway, in Alliance Wars, let’s face it, it by no means is perfect, and it isn’t feasible to please everyone.

I do have a question or suggestion rather. I believe there should be a way to reset or add more battle points per day. Because let’s face it, 20 a day, isn’t cutting it now, especially, since there are more and more players hitting level 100, myself included.

It does get frustrating that after you use those 20 bps, your hands are basically tied till next day at reset.

We can add, reset, revive just about everything in this game, from pvp heros, bounty heros & co-ops. But not bps for AW.

Is there something in the mix, a working idea or something that would be implemented sometime soon, even on trial basis.


BP is there to limit the amount that can be done in a day meaning those alliances that can not be on at reset are not completely overrun by being on at different times. 20 is a good number as you can get 4-6 attacks out being smart with your BP. Adding more or faster resets would make it cost too much time, war already takes a long time to manage successfully. More BP would create further and faster burn out imo


If you can reset bp by gold that basically means pay to win


20 BP is enough. If they make it a way to reset with gold then they will 100 percent ruin war


I think the one thing people forget about in wars is defense updates. Attacking and defending hold equal value. D updates often needs more attention and is way more critical. I suggest concentrating on the strategic aspect of defending and the lack of BP will never be a issue. :slight_smile:

If you know how to manage bps , 25 members having 20 BP each is enough for top 5 spot in leaderboards


I’d like to thank everyone for their input.