Wrong War 1. 2 and 3 Sum wrong

Hi Devs,

I’m with Extreme Enforcers (EXEN) Alliance, and our total add from Wars is wrong. It’s making the sum only from War 2 and War 3 and not adding War 1. Please correct it!


Is not from war 2 and 3 but basically is been taken off the war you did better. As far as I know it was supposed to be counted the wars you did better. And when I saw who has the first spot it was ridiculous sum. Is this a bug @Muninn @LordNikon. On sum we was 19th now we are 50th.

Our problem is fixed! Thanks Devs!

Taking your fast fixing mood, on Alliance Wars, in the Attacking Statistics, it works fine on the first day and we can see who still has battle points and who doesn’t, but after the first day, the BP does not reset and puts everyone with 20 again, so its hard to see who played after the first day. Can you please make it reset with everyone back at 20, it would be easier for us to control. Thanks

Both issues should be resolved now! If the BPs are still not resetting for you, please contact support.

It is solved yes, Dev! Thank you for your quick response.

Only general chat missing and we’ll have a perfect game :slight_smile:


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