New hero idea

I got a idea for a new hero
I would like to see a hero who looks a bit like harley queen. (From suicide squad :slight_smile: )
She use a pistol or smg/assault rifle and she stands in the mid-line
As for the bronze skill : roundhouse , when she hit the enemy with a slegehammer and deals 10-20% damage and stuns for 3-5 sec.
Silver skill : candy mania, heals the group for 7 sec and hunkers down behind cover, even when she isn’t in cover.
Gold skil : thug life, she spawns every 30 sec a weak thug who help in battle or boost the team with armor and attack .
Platinum skil: dead kiss, continues deals 1-3 % damage to the enemys for the first 30 sec of battle or give a 1-5% change to kill instantly per shot.

I don’t know if this is well balance but things can change, let me know what you think ^^

Your plat skill too OP (the Insta kill option)… see how often Heckler triggers his stun at %5 chance per bullet… don’t think we need anymore instant killers in the game. The skill is either too OP for SMG and rifle or too useless if its a handgun.

Will it be OP if you change it to reduce the cooldown of the bronze skill and the silver skill one with 1 sec with a 1-3 % change per shot ?

Thats fine, Caines skill lets him reduce with crit, its more sufficient for sure than an insta kill.

Nice, are there any more things thats OP about this hero ? And is there a change we see this hero ?

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