New Hero (Bio)

Name: Preacher or Blaze
Weapon: SMG
Position: Midline

This character would have flames around him, and he’s carrying around a book of spells with him. Instead of green flames alone, have a mixture of red with it.

Read this- Bronze: Throws a book at enemy, stunning them for 2 secs
Got This- Silver: Casts a spell that shields all allied heroes for 16 secs with a reflective wave of 16k dmg
Study- Gold: If Bronze misses or enemy dodges atk, random allied hero will recover health
All seeing- Plat: When silver is activated, this hero with allied heroes will gain 100% atk speed and movement speed

This may be a OP hero now that I look it Lol. But love to hear thoughts

if that reflective wave sounds like i think it sounds, 16 seconds of relfect dmg similar to caines
seems like a lot especially for you bot teammates…lol combined with plat lol, yeah your right its definitely Too OP :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol yeah how about 10s and 12k for the whole team

I agree… This one is OP…
We could name him “Messiah” or “Doom”! And start him off at 7 star like Artemis and prophet.
His OPness should be put to test before he is nerfed though…just like what the developers decided to do in the case of panzer…LOL

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Lol it’s just an idea and oooo I like that name better Messiah. But yeah I just read my idea was like uh oh what did I just type Lol