Beck's (literally) useless frag grenade

My Beck does over 60k base dps (reload time included) with her weapon, not counting her plat, crits and headshots.

Her grenade takes close to 2.5 seconds to channel, throw, and return to firing. The grenade then takes another 2 seconds to go off. If it hits an enemy it does under 140k damage.

Even if the grenade hits an enemy, it’s literally less damage than I could’ve done just by shooting the enemy. HHG this is literally the worst skill in the game, please buff it before the next bounty.


It is scaled badly, the base damage and the grenade damage gets higher by about the same amount. It is doing more damage in relation to the base damage at 8* plat.
The two second timer is making it really useless. Enough time to easily get away, but not enough to run into it.

See it as a method of getting the AI enemy leave his cover.

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Or better yet, take someone that has rooting abilities

What the original poster debates, is that the damage this skill does is not worth the time it takes for Beck to activate and damage her target with it. Just keep shooting with her guns does more damage during the seconds it would otherwise take to throw and detonate the grenade. Even if the target is rooted and your grenade
should successfully hit you’re better of just shooting instead. This is the definition of a broken skill IMO.
The skill should have a huge damage buff (x3?), bring a status effect or be completely reworked. It would be cool if the threw multiple grenades, one on each enemy.

In its current state the only thing the grenade is good for is to scare enemies to leave their cover.

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That’s with more skills a big problem, not just the granade

I have the exact same thoughts as the OP months ago that’s why I stopped farming Beck at 6*. It’s one of the most useless skills in the game. Justify all you want but a boring-useless skill is useless if it doesn’t work.

This is entirely the situation with most aoe throw skills. They only cover a small area, dont follow a target, and take too long to execute. I often see them as a way to force the enemy to move which is actually quite handy at times. However, most of them have a long animation and thats my big issue. The long time for the animation always kills the usefulness as it kills your dps. The idea behind these is to use against a target to force them out of hiding, stop them from using a skill, or slow their dps. But when it kills your own dps it does more harm than good.

Take Ghoul for example. His improvised bomb is actually a decent skill. it forces someone to move, the bomb stays in that spot in case they move back (area denial), and most importantly - the skill is executed very fast. Its one I use often in pvp if i use him. His Molotov OTOH is far less useful in pvp. It has neat potential with a lingering effect, but the animation is too long.

Becks ability, while not the worst in terms of start up time, is bad. Simply because shes a high level dpser. Its never worth wasting the time for this skill on her.

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@Sogui Every damage-dealing skill is not meant to deal more damage than regular shooting. The value in most usually isn’t the damage, but the side-effects of the skill itself. Staggering is a good example; Panzer can deal more damage just shooting than with her silver, but obviously her silver is great because it staggers all 5 enemies. Many AoE and delayed skills are meant to serve as area-denial. Salvatore’s bronze for example is great at this. Its damage really isn’t great, especially considering that your target can relatively easily avoid every hit. But you can block off an entire area of the map with it and that’s why it’s valuable.

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