We don't have a proper KLG Grenadier Hero

… so I’d like to waste your time and give you some of my ideas on what he could be. Go wild.

Slinger, the Expert Grenadier

Definitely not the LMB Grenadier Unit from the Division. Just what he might look like.
This is also my own screenshot directly from the game. If you wanna use it, just ask.

Some hybrid between Salvatore and Beck. I think.

  • In-game Description: An expert grenadier. Uses powerful explosives to create deadly areas of denial.
  • Mid-Line Unit.
  • Primary: Uses an automatic assault rifle with a 20 round magazine. The weapon handles most similarly to Elite Rifleman’s assault rifle. Medium level DPS - comparable to Rifleman.
  • Energy element.
  • Bronze Skill - “Grenade Out!” : tosses a frag grenade at a single target. The grenade can score a direct hit on an enemy. Deals massive elemental damage on direct hit and high normal damage in an AoE. Slow recharge; minimal increase in cooldown on primary hit.
    Bronze Skill Note: A.I. controlled Heroes will prioritize avoiding the grenade.
  • Silver Skill - “Multiple Grenades Out!” : tosses a flurry of four lesser grenades across the battlefield. Each grenade deals 34% of the damage of the greater Bronze Skill grenade (assuming Silver and Bronze are at the same level). Lesser grenades cannot score a direct hit and also have a 3 second fuse time. Only deals elemental damage. Slow recharge.
    Silver Skill Note: A.I. controlled Heroes will prioritize avoiding only a single lesser grenade.
  • Gold Skill - Grenade Shrapnel: every grenade tossed has a 50% chance of causing normal damage over time and a 50% chance of causing elemental damage over time. Both chances are mutually exclusive: a grenade could cause both types of DoT, one type of DoT, or no DoT. Damage over time is equivalent to 5% of the damage of the greater Bronze grenade (assuming Gold and Bronze are at the same level).
  • Platinum Skill - Explosive Master: this Hero gains a small boost to normal damage to his primary weapon. Gains a medium boost to damage to his grenades. Gains 5% critical chance to both his primary and his grenades.
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