Skill change suggestions

I don´t want to discuss the skills in general, these are just a few adjustments, that would make them more useable/fair.

Hardscopes Bazooka: Why can´t it hit through a cover? It is a damn Bazooka. It should shoot through everyone and everything. It should be like Dogaces skill, so it can make damage through covers. It has a long cooldown and is not that hard to avoid either, so it would make it more reliable.

Every skill with a high curve: I have Casts Seamine, Salavtores Heavy Gun or Cross Poisen Shower in mind. They are great and usefull skills, but they barley hit, because they are sooooo slow. You can sometimes even cast your own skill and then avoid theirs, so they are easy hits.

Flatlines revive: Why is this skill not blockable? You can kill her in the instant she casts it and it still works. Every other skill is blockable, or suspendable. It wasn´t a problem before the update, because she mostly was down before the cast. Now she uses it more often and I think it is annoying, that you cant do anything against it, but killing her before.

Do you have more? Name it :wink:


Castellan’s Shield Wall: Castellan is a very weak hero as he stands. Probably one of the, if not thee, most unused hero in the game. I think his shield wall could be made similar to Razorback’s Taunt and reflect some of the damage absorbed back onto the enemy team.
Since it lasts until depleted, enemies would be forced to take damage from it.

Doesn’t Hardscope’s bazooka already hurt enemies behind cover, just like Galante weapon if he is gold? (only exception are a few covers in sewer map that are too thick or badly programmed)

And I totally agree Castellan deserves a buff, but his shield is actually his only redeeming skill. I’d rather see his turret buffed first. I believe a hero with two good skill is more engaging than someone with one useless and another one brutal

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Castellans turret should counter drones and prioritizes those. Deals triple damage to drones, holos, and summons. The turret’s normal attack should counter hardscopes drone heal to a certain extent.

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Okay it does, at least in bounty. Always had the Feeling it doesn´t. But maybe I just aimed bad or they were moving so they went out of the area damage reach. I miss so many of his Bazooka shots :neutral_face:

I just use castellan for alliance patrols. He’s got a weak turret and it’s just there

Hardscope: His blast damage needs to be a bit bigger, I agree that it should destroy the cover, it’s a bazooka not a waterpistol.

Castelan: his shield is decent, biggest problem is that the sentry turret doesn’t have armor penetration, it’s damage is close to 10, only thing it does now is break cover, and it’s doing a terrible job at that

Just played my Chesterfield in Bounty. His animation is to long. He just has a two shot pumpgun which makes his amazing dps hard to use. But he also takes forever to attack again after his skills sent flying. Both skills take a good three seconds and both don´t do instant damage, meaning you have six seconds while trying to set his skill combination, in which you don´t do any damage with him. At this time you can easily outheal his done damage.

I made a topic about it, but I feel like Halloways halograms should have the same skin as Halloway. As is it’s super obvious they are clones with the blue hologram skin. He already is focused down pretty quick, as are his halos, and he has no survivability. This would at least help confuse and disorient the enemy if you do get a few clones out.

Also feel like Callious, Oro, Yanlong, Bolt, Steele, and Beck could use work or buffs just because I never see them. How they could be buffed I am not sure.

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As the proud owner of a 8* plat Halloway, I think he is in a fairly good spot. And clones having the same skin that the original could be an improvement for him, but not one I’d like to see, to be honest.

Instead of making an hero stronger because it confuses enemy players, I’d rather see his utility or damage improved. Even if they gave them Hallow skin, clones are always behind heroes, so experienced players would still be able to differentiate between clones and Halloway pretty easily. That change would allow Halloway to abuse low players more easily.

But yeah, I agree with the rest. I’ve been playing for around 4/5 months, and I have NEVER seen Steele in an enemy PvP team.

I guess they will eventually be improved with warfare role updates, though. August patch focused on healers/supports. Next month could focus on damage or frontline heroes, making some of those you named better.

I just hope they don’t nerf to the ground current heroes to make these unused heroes better, like they did with Gammond.

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Yanlong only needs a new skin: he’s horrendous. And the shoes…
But otherwise he’s OK, maybe not my top choice for PVP but he can perform also there. I had a terrible encounter with him couple of days ago where he was the last standing (sitting) enemy and singlehandedly took out my three remaining heroes.

I dunno, every time I see him in PVP I either focus him down super quick, or if there are more important targets I ignore Halloway then come back and kill him off easily. It’s not really like Hivemind where if you let him go unchecked for awhile he turns into a beast with all his drones healing.

Did they get hit by his Siege Breaker skill? I rarely see him in PVP, and when I do he is pretty easy to ignore since he isn’t really a threat.

A hero I would really like to see some rework done on is quite frankly ryker… first hero we started game with higher ranked in UAF chain of command than butter and nightingale… he is literally their officer in charge… but we can safely say we won’t use him for anything anymore his gun is too weak his missiles nerfed and his platinum ability come on his gun is still weaker than kunuchi even after receiving a platinum ability buff

No, I think it was his armor that made it hard to take him down. Also 3 charges of Dig In equals 3x the healing / second when he’s sitting down. Add to that his shield and armor penetrating shotgun blasts. He can be a killer.

He just needs a small damage Buff, thats all. No other changes needed.

Yanglong is like Hivemind. If you take him down within the first 45 seconds, there is no problem with him. If you ignore him he gets a pain in the ass, because you can barely take him down in late game.

I want to discuss three potential A class heroes, who just can´t shine because of their skills charingtime.

Chesterfield: If you get his skills set up he is a killer. He can do 200k damage with two bullets. But it is hard to get his skills aline. The cooldown of bear trap is so high you only get to use it once or twice a match. And without his set up he is just okay. Also his shotgun has such a long reload, that you can´t really do damage with them. Even if you hit both bullets, the damage is easily healed untill he reloaded.

Ghoul: His skills are just amazing. Up to 300k Chem area damage, but save 100k with his Silver. 12 second skill block with his Bronze and self healing with his Platinum. The only Problem is that no one runs into his skills. How often have you seen someone running into his bomb? There is only one active, because the first one explodes on his own, before the second one gets casted. How great and how much more tactics would be introduced, if he could have two or three or more bombs active at the same time. you could nail down an opponent behind one cover and after it is destroyed he has to decide if he takes the damage of the bomb or if he stands there coverless and taking the damage, hoping a heal safes him.
The cooldown of his Silver should be lowered to 20 seconds and several should be active at the same time. Take away the timer and limit it to three active bombs.

Scum: I only have him on Bronze, but his Bronze skill has an overly long cooldown. It is said in his description, that he dominates the battlefield by making the opponents change positions constantly. But in reality you have to be quite stupid do be hit by his Silver or to really get damaged by the side effect of his Bronze. If he could cast his Bronze faster and if the poison cloud stays longer, there would be more of his poison clouds active, so you have to look out for them or even have to step into one, because there is no free spot without. Anotehr possibillity would be, that the poison cloud wafts around the battlefield, untill it hits an opponent and is dealing damage per second then.

These are all just small changes, which would lead have a big effect on these heroes. It could change gameplay, If bombs, traps and poison clouds would be a real threat. Right now a damage dealer spams his skills or clip and then hides and changes cover to spam it again after recharge. Same with Healers. I can´t count how many times I have seen Flatline running around to save her, just to use her revive. This would be gone, or at least reduced. You can still do this, but you could run into a trap. Take Caine or Dogface as an example. They want to hide, but their cover is gone. The next cover has Ghouls bomb behind it. You have to decide if you stay coverless, or take the 100k to 300k Chem damage, which could lead to an instant kill. Or Salvatore is firing his skill at him and you qucly have to decide which skill does less damage. Ghouls Bomb or Salvatores Heavy Artillery. A mech should take the neutral damage of Salvatore, but an energy should move and take the bomb damage. But would you always take the right decision, if you have barely a second untill you get hit?

To get even more tactics into the matches, it would be awsome, if you could throw bombs or skills like Mavens Vampiric Cloud freely behind covers and not only at heroes. You could block covers with that nailing opponents at certain positions. Or you could throw Moss healing cloud to the cover next to him, if he is standing inside a poison cloud, so he could move out and get healed.

Aye, this is a little off topic, but I think that instead of skill changes, more priority should be taken into reworking some of the more unused heroes in general. Especially Oro. He looks like he’d be a tank with high health, but he’s not, and that fat weapon he has isn’t too destructive either. DPS is probably more of a problem than skills too, I mean, look at Galante’s pistol: It’s huge, but doesn’t pack much of a punch, even with explosive rounds.

Everyone is so focused on dps. Why that? If a hero has great skills he doesn’t need dps. Irfits dps is shit. Savages dps is shit. Flatlines dps is laughable, even for a healer. But they are still used heros, because they have great skills.

Wouldn’t it be more fun if the one with the better tactics wins? If it’s isn’t decided by pure fire power? They want to push the heroes more into different roles and they easily could push these three into the role of field controlling, which is already noted in Ghouls and Scums description.


Oro’s weapon looks like the kind of weapons where you can charge a shot by holding the fire button down, like the longer you hold it the stronger he shoots. That would make him him fun!

Or it builds up on its own until you hit the fire button. You would have to decide if you take low damage instantly or maybe a 50k shot after 10 seconds.