Become VIP-1 to unlock Advanced Autoplay! (But I have it at VIP 0?)

So apparently, my account is somehow special and was given autoplay for free, while people with older/younger accounts did not receive autoplay. Weird. Leaving my rant below for posterity. I don’t know why or how I have autoplay. The only thing I could think of is if there was a refer a friend program and I joined on a link from the guy who told me to join, but I can’t remember if that was the case.

Okay, what gives here? I recently got my friend to start playing the game, and I’m teaching her how to unlock more gear and power up her characters. She’s autoplaying the campaign, and I explain about the gauntlet and how to get cash to spend on abilities and powering up.

Except she can’t autoplay Gauntlet. Or raids. Or PVP.

So I’m trying to bring in another player, who, even if she doesn’t spend money, will watch advertisements, and tell friends, and generate revenue for the game. And now, the game that I told her about, that has an autoplay feature so that she can focus on other things while still keeping relevant in the game, doesn’t have an autoplay feature for her.

People don’t have positive outlooks on mobile games because of these sorts of predatory behaviors. And after seeing this, I’m certain she’s going to drop the game. Hell, I would too if someone tried to bring me into a game, and got a core mechanic to the game simply because their account was older, while I was expected to spend money before being able to access a core mechanic that other players got for free.

Tell you what. Why don’t you take away autoplay from all VIP-0 accounts? See how many you get to stick around. See if your game holds on to anyone but the whales over a period of two years. You won’t get my ad revenue anymore, sure I’m not the only one.

Otherwise? I’m happy with the game. I’m enjoying it. I will continue to watch ads and play. The updates are keeping me happy as an older player. But this is really, REALLY disappointing to see if you want to attract and retain new players. You have potential to be a great game that lasts for a long time, and really stand out in comparison to the absolute garbage that other companies shovel onto App Stores… But you can’t let short-sighted profits overshadow what’s best for your game, your community, and your wallets in the long run.

Free players may not give you any direct currency. But they still spread word of the game and get others to play. In my place of work, Deisal10183 got myself and Killerxknightx1 involved, and we branched out and got most of the workplace to play. As it currently stands, I am the ONLY person in my workplace on Hero Hunters that is below VIP-2. These other players have not only been spending money, but watching ads to generate you revenue there as well. If the game hadn’t retained me, you’d have lost out on basically everyone in my workplace besides Deisal10183 and Killerxknightx1.

Just don’t let corporate greed try to put a price tag on base functions for your game. This needs to be changed back, or you’re not going to bring in and retain new players. You aren’t going to create new whales by hiding core mechanics behind paywalls, you’re just going to keep your game from reaching the ears of whales because none of their free-playing friends will tell them about it to get them off whatever game they’re currently whaling on.

Boss out. I’ve got Gauntlet to auto-play.

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I agree that giving autoplay for free may help to attract and retain new players but HHG is far from predatory, at least in today’s game environment.

This is a free-to-play game so they have to incentivize purchases somehow. They need to earn money and pay salaries too. They do it in a way that, in my opinion, is much less forceful than other games. You can be VIP 0 or 1 here and still rank #1 in PvP and other events. That’s unthinkable in other games.

I could flip the argument and say, they are paying absolutely nothing and they can still play the entire game, even if they can’t auto through it. I just checked the VIP requirements and what’s even more ridiculous is that they have to pay only ONE (1) dollar to get VIP1.

I mean if they can’t spare $1 to support a game they enjoy and into which the developers have obviously put a lot of effort then, I dunno. They should probably be looking into ways to make more money than playing mobile games.


I would have to disagree, you can use quick win tickets for campaign. Going VIP is a choice, I have a team mate who is VIP 0 but yet is playing nice and fun. Everyone has a choice to go VIP, it’s entirely up to the individual.

Being a F2P game, the Developers needs to be paid for their effort and overheads too right ?

Besides the price for going VIP 1 is negligible. A price of A MacDonald meal or a show ticket.

To say viewing the ads that the devs are making a lot of money is overstatement. Usually it’s like thousands of views from ads to generate a meagre dollar value. The devs would need to maintain game servers, staff salaries, overheads etc.

The real predatory practice in gaming is by EA and Bungie. Despite a player paying for their games, the player still get screwed over and fork out additional $. You can read up on their debacle on Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Destiny 2.

Going VIP is more of quality of life. Having said, this game is playable by not going VIP. Regardless if one is VIP or not, we still need to GRIND.

This is the first mobile game I invested money into.

On the other games a always felt, that the money you have to spend isnt worth the rewards. Same at this game, too. At least for me. But the one dollar, or for me 3 Euro, you have to spend to get VIP 1 are nothing compared to the rewards. This isn´t a rip of, this is just to get some money, because the developers have to be paid and you get great advatages in exchange.

It doesn’t matter how cheap it is, the point is that something that is a core mechanic for the game has been taken away from new players. She’s not getting a fair shot at powering up her characters to see if she likes it enough to spend money on the game.

Shoot, if you took autoplay away from all VIP-0 accounts, I would consider paying money to get to VIP-1. But a new player wouldn’t be inclined to do so.

The problem here is that this was a core mechanic, that I, a VIP-0 player, still have access to, while new players that I tell about the game will not be able to have the same experience I have, and now I don’t want to try bringing new people in because who knows what other core mechanic will be taken away and make me look like a liar when I get them to download it.

Imagine if they just suddenly changed the VIP tiers, and the new player you just brought in tries to get the same things as you on your VIP level, but instead has to pay more money because you’re grandfathered in, and now you’ve lied to your friend about what they can do on the game.

Yes, this is a good game, and yes, they do deserve to be paid for their work. However, I cannot, in good faith, promote this game to new players when I got a core mechanic for free, but they’re going to have to pay to gain access to. It’s just not right.

You have to be able to play a game to decide that you want to spend money on it. A core mechanic taken out that everyone else got for free puts a sour taste in a new players mouth, if the devs would do something like that, what’s to stop them from taking other base-level content and putting it behind a paywall?

Are you implying taht you could autoplay everything before and they changed it afterwards?

I started playing in the beginning of February, so just a few days after the golbal release and never had the extended autoplay as VIP 0. Only thing I yould autoplay were the district missions.

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This surely is a joke thread?

You expect to have everything as good as people that spend thousands on this game??

It literally costs £1.50 to unlock the auto feature.

It costs me £3.15 to buy my coffee in the morning.

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Well give players auto play for a week and then let them pay a dollar, same idea, but then they have tasted it.

I don’t think autoplay can be called a “core mechanic”, to be honest.

I should be agreeing with this post, since Im VIP 0, but I developed my heroes without improved auto Coop/PvP/Gauntlet. I honestly fail to see how it is not fair.

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When I started playing the game, I could auto play everything, and I still can.

She started a few days ago and is being told she has to pay if she wants the same privilege I got for free.

Since you can play every game mode at VIP 0, everyone can do.
(I dont want to derogate your achivments, its hard work if you cant run most of it on auto, but with hard work its possible for everybody)

The only advantage the extended autoplay gives you is that you save time, because you can do other stuff while running it on auto. But thats the purpose of every ingame purchase. You can level every Hero to 10* Platinum +4 without spending a single Cent. It just takes time. The more you spend, the less it takes.

When did you start? Because since the golbal release its the way it is now.

Yeah, thats exactly my point. He claims its unfair, and that she wont be able to develop her heroes correctly, but I don’t have extended autoplay and I never thought I had more problems strengthening my heroes than others because of it.

VIP can give unfair advantages, like extra lives for PvP or huge amounts of revivals (an High vip can have like 50 lives for a PvP event hero, while I can only have 6), but I never felt that it was unfair that I couldnt auto some game modes.

My account is two days older than you, so I have no idea why you have extended PvP being VIP 0 and I don’t

See? This IS infuriating. If you had it because it used to be free and they let beta players keep it for free, I would be okay, since it would be some kind of loyalty reward.

However, you being able to do it and me not when our accounts are technically equal it’s a totally different issue.

But Im not that surprised, to be honest. My brother and I had different Daily Login calendars, I posted it here and got no attention from developers. Sent a ticket and never got an answer. And this month we have, again, different calendars (I get like 20 more Hardscope shards and less hero experience)

Not sure why they do this kind of things.

Did you spend in the game at all, Bossthorne? I can see that you are VIP 0 but maybe you spent just a little little cent, not even enough to grant you VIP 1? Maybe, if so, that is enough to open up Auto Play for PVP?
Otherwise it’s definitely not OK and should be considered a faulty behavior that Player 1 and identical Player 2 does not play identical games.

VIP 1 is awarded for the smallest purchase, as far as I know. And even if he purchased something without reaching VIP 1, it would still be a problem, since extended autoplay is awarded at VIP 1

Nope. I ain’t spendin a dime.

LOL, there is MORE than enough “FREE” content in this game for the player to decide if it’s worth spending money on. Any more than that, and we’re talking about little kids who can’t afford to spend a couple of dollars on a game, bitching about the free content or claiming a game is “pay to win” if they can’t get what players who spent money got. Even a friend of mine who NEVER spends money, spent money on this game, after a month of playing. No one cares about hardcore “free or die” players who refuse to spend money at all, it’s not something to brag about. This is not the game for you, go play “Kick the Buddy,” it’s the top free game right now. You can auto play missions, that should be good enough for a non spending player. Watching ads already GIVE YOU REWARDS, whether it’s gold/stamina. You don’t get an extra magic fuckin cookie. Auto play being considered a CORE MECHANIC? Please.