Why autoplay is ruined

Okay this is gonna be what im thinking about the problem with autoplay as a 250+ days age account
many ai are acting super dumb and will focus on the wrong element or keep hitting the cover and stuff, you cant play autoplay without having at least 3 support or you will keep losing lives, the worst thing is FLAAAATLINE, she is ruining pvp, people literally go with flat everygame, and her gold will proc so many times and at the end of a autoplayed game the whole enemy team will end up with 50% NOT ENOUGH when they put Mandrake in the team the whole team will stay 35% the whole game without my team doing anything useful, basically mandrake and flatline are destroying the purpose of pvp and you cant do auto bc of this reason i dont want

Don’t autoplay when you know you may and don’t want to lose.
Autoplay only when you know you’ll have no problem winning.

If you wanna autoplay all the time you’re basically lazy and will of course suffer losses due to this.

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doesnt change the fact that you cant autoplay when you meet any mandrake or flatline, i have a team that can burst down 1 hero fast so i end up 4v5 and secure the win with auto but as said im pointint out on mandrake and flatline and ppl have other things in life to do mr.smartass

I second with ULFPAM, just don’t autoplay. You manually control your best DPS Hero and focus Flatline. Even when Mandrake makes her invisible, just f-cking dump all of your Mechanical ammo into her skull.

And yes, I agree that Flatline’s Gold procs way too much, same with Mandrake.

In my opinion? Flatline’s healing with the Gold should be reduced while Mandrake’s Gold should only affect one other ally. I think ULFPAM had the Mandrake idea in the Discord, so I’m stealing it.

Don’t be mad. Everyone has a life. It’s just that in literally any game with PvP, players will want to use crutches as much as possible.


i play at 35-40k range where i can one shot flatlines with my bronze panzer skill its not a problem on my main team but someone doesnt have time for manual playing here…

but yeah agreed with those changes you mention

If all u do is autoplay then u probably are not very good at pvp if flatline is such a problem 4 u then choose a team that can counter her. Its getting really old all the whining about players choices of pvp teams that is why it is a game u are not supposed to win all the time

ehm look what i wrote just before you? and i can assume you that im good at pvp cuz i was 7th place in Hero draft in january 29th :wink: WITH my same team as normal pvp i use, was a challenge for me to only use that team never counterpicked

much agreement
very wow