Become VIP-1 to unlock Advanced Autoplay! (But I have it at VIP 0?)

How are you able to autoplay everything if you haven’t spent any money? My account is 48 days older than yours and I couldn’t autoplay Daily Raids or Co-Ops when I was VIP 0. Are you able to autoplay Raids? Did you have a beta account or something? Did you restore a purchase? It seems you shouldn’t even have this ability to begin with…

You have to be at least VIP 1 to autoplay Daily Raids and Co-Op Raids, which means you have to spend at least 1 U.S. dollar. Beta players may be an exception, I’m not sure.

I can auto play everything. I have made no purchases what so ever. I started playing whenever my account says, no beta. You can see why there may be some confusion as to why two accounts who have both spent no money have different perks.

Hmmm, the fact that you can autoplay everything is what doesn’t make sense. As far as I know, no one should be able to autoplay Raids and such, unless they’ve spent money or maybe if they’re beta. But neither of those apply to you.

Whether intentional or not, there seems to have been some sort of error in the system or some luck-of-the-draw that allowed you to have Enhanced Autoplay.

I’m with OP.

I’m a new F2P and the auto feature is only available in campaign (Normal and Hard).
If I’m not mistaken the old VIP0 players have a full auto, but for new VIP0 players the feature is restricted.

Some say the company ought to do this in a freemium game.
Well, the few bucks doesn’t matter. Fairness does.
If ALL VIP0 are with the same features, it’s fine.
Now unless this is classified as something like pre-registration reward, I feel like cheated.

It’s 1 dollar, if feeling cheated, is complaining about a dollar, you should probably work 1 hour instead of playing this gamee, earning that cheated dollar to spend it here

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He feels cheated because someone got it for free for no apparent reason.

Cheated isn’t the best word to describe it, but yeah, its kinda infuriating that two similar accounts work differently and we don’t know why

I do agree that cheated may be an inaccurate word.
At the same time it’s not quite a complaint.

When the system seems confusing or unequal, I would observe longer to see if my investment will be secure with the game.
Fair deal - or just a natural reaction.

@Gdu4ever, I understand what you say, but I can’t call 1 dollar an investment, more like ohh I dropped a dollar and don’t want to pick it up

Feel free to disagree with my opinion but please do not focus on the “1 dollar” thing. That’s not the point.

Gdu4ever, “1 dollar” is the point here. I am mainly a F2P player on most games I play on IOS. But this game happen to be one of the handful game that I choose to spend the price of a MacDonald value meal on.

I like to DEBUNK your comment. Old VIP0 Do NOT have autoplay feature for coops or raids. Only available in campaign n PVP mode. That said, why should one autoplay on PVP, you would be placed in a great disadvantage.

That being said, one can still enjoy the game without going VIP. I for one know that, I was not VIP till 70 over days into game. In part I became more competitive the longer I play and decided to take the plunge to go VIP. That said I was competitive before going VIP, largely due to the fact that am in an active team.

I understand the feeling that some did get it and someone didn’t, but!

Manually playing PvP gives you more and quicker wins.

Same goes for coops and raids, it’s helpful to have it, to do other things at the same time but in the end it’s just a speed process.

We’re seriously talking about a dollar, don’t smoke 5 cigarettes and you saved 1 dollar, drink 1 beer less while going out and you have a dollar, don’t go to the MacDonald’s and you have a dollar, look at the ground and maybe you find a dollar.

This is just a simple reward for people who invested in the game, and I still can’t say 1 dollar is an investment

Kraterios, I am with you on this matter. It cost more for me as am not from EU or US. That said, I had derived hours of enjoyment from an investment of a MacDonald meal.

I’m also European, so I feel the pain of the dollar/euro payments

To me, unfair is unfair, be it 0.00001 cents, be it FREE.

What’s the problem of hoping a game to be fair and transparent?

1 dollar can be you point but not my point.
I am asking “why not all the VIP0s are equal”.
“The difference is only worth 1 dollar so it doesn’t really matter” is a statement I agree,
but it is not an answer to my question.

If you are saying that “it’s too small, let’s forget it” then OK, the case can be closed.

P.S. technically there are quite a number of other benefits when reaching VIP1, so the feature we’re talking about is worth way less than even 1 dollar.

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