Best 10 heroes to max out

What are the 10 best heroes to max out?

For myself, with the heroes that are available to me as of now, these are the guys that I will be maxing out.

  1. Heimlock
  2. Dogface (farmable via gauntlet store)
  3. Mandrake (farmable)
  4. Gammond (farmable)
  5. Heckler
  6. Fortress (farmable)
  7. Halo
  8. Keel (farmable)
  9. Clyde (farmable)
  10. Moss

Basically the idea is that the above 10 heroes will get priority allocations for fragment farming, levels, skill points and equipment upgrades for promotion.

I wonder if you guys think there any heroes on the above list that should not be there?

Or, are there any heroes that are so darn good that they are auto-choices for anyone’s top 10? However, right now, I don’t have the following guys yet:

  • Prophet (I really really really want this guy)
  • Caine (heard he’s good)
  • Baron
  • Sapphyre
  • Hivemind
  • Savage
  • Chesterfield
  • Artemis
  • Razorback (heard he’s good)
  • Hideo
  • Odachi



I maxed out Salvatore last week just because - why not? He’s farmable through daily quests and I could get him to 7 stars.
What a guy! He’s often top of my DPS meters by far even when using him in the same team as Dogface, Prophet whatever. He’s just very overlooked - and farmable.

I also don’t see the use of Clyde, or Heckler. They don’t do it for me. I’d put Razorback on the list. Caine as well (super helpful assist when AI is using him). Moss never was mandatory for me and I stopped upgrading him at level 30 something.

I heard bad things about Artemis and Chesterfield - both bottom of their tiers. Hivemind is cool (mine is 5 stars at silver / level 55 / skills are at level 50) but using him against equally good teams doesn’t do much - he’s great for teams under your level though!

Savage - awesome
Hideo - my favourite
Ocachi - I like him but he’s starting to fall behind the main gang now

For real? I have Salvatore at 5 stars now, he’s ok. For me he is decent at area denial in PVP but not much else. For me he does not seem to do as much damage as Dogface / Fortress in general and for Biochem specifically, Maven.

The thing I like about this game is that many heroes are good and usually can be useful in some way or another. That is the only explanation why I sometimes see plat Surge/Ghouls.

Is this for PVP or PVE? It looks to me like a PVP list so I’ll go with that.

Cinder should probably be added to this list based on early accounts.

I believe Chesterfield is underrated though I can’t speak from personal experience. Some of my alliance members swear by him and say at plat he does almost as much damage as Clyde, but with way more hit points.

Plat Odachi is a beast - easily does more damage than Dogface

Alot of things change once you get heroes to platinum, for example, plat Nightingale is also a pretty solid addition.

It’s kinda for both. I have limited time and resources to collect gear for promotion, so I’m trying to prioritise my game time efficiently… don’t want to waste time and BRONZE FUEL CELLS upgrading the wrong guys, lol.

I have Cinder at silver but I’m not sure I am convinced… she is a dps support? Pair her with Keel, is that the concept? If so it could be sorta like Baron, get heals with cover destruction.

I have her at 4 stars now, should I spend 800 gold buying 65 frags to get her to 5-star?

He’s definitely a better damage dealer than my Maven (Maven 5 stars, Salvatore 7 stars, both at gold at equally levelled up). Maybe it come down to him being one of the characters with most stars for me but for a farmable dude he’s not often mentioned.

I wonder if that could be due to having Salvatore with more stars?

I find the difficulty with Salvatore is that his bronze and silver skills can be dodged by opponents. When the hits land, yeah they pack quite a punch (plus the way-too-awesome Silence effect of the silver skill) but everyone can kinda see them coming and usually they get the hell outta the way. And his main attack is kinda clunky and has a slow reload time. So maybe he is not the right guy for me.

There’s from a bounty hunt, all green team, played on auto. He’s definitely rolling it for me! I also realised he has 6, not 7, stars.

Salvatore has GREAT damage. But his skills are fairly easy to evade, so he is not that good in PvP, and most PvE maps without the help of some stunner/rooter

But most bounties, the boss is static, not moving. That means Salvatore can land all his grenades without any assistance, dealing huge damage.

If we add the 30% extra elemental damage, in a team where all 5 members have elemental advantage, his damage spikes.

So yeah, Salvatore is a beast for bounties. My Salv outdamages my Maven in bounties, even with 1 star less, but out of bounties, he perform a bit lower than her (which is normal, since he has one less star)

@ Markus, wow you have an awesome Heimlock!

I will investigate Salvatore a bit more to see if I can use him as well as you :slight_smile:

Yes, Heimlock is my pride and the fruit of my overspending spree. Whatever crate I opened: Heimlock. 10 pack: more Heimlock. Heimlock. Heimlock everywhere. I don’t complain. :slight_smile:

I’ll be honest, I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. So many people look at individual heroes to level up, myself included, and they focus on them something. The whole point of this game is your entire team, not just one or two heroes. That being said, I would focus on making one or two teams, based on what you want to do. The beautiful thing is that you can make a team out of any heroes. This is the current team I’m trying to get to plat.


This is another one I want to focus on as well


This is the way I would recommend to look at it, but that’s all up to you in the end

I am trying to do this

Wait. Galante!

I have terrible time with him at silver. Is he good at gold or plat?

(I am newbie so need to know if I should spend alliance crystals on him or on that vampire-buffed-lady)

this is a very old thread and i was stunned when i read the heroes the op listed lol but back at the end of may that was prob the best list. everyone has a different opinion but three heroes i know you won’t regret having upgraded are nightengale (yes she is BEAST for healing plus supporting heroes damage and keeping enemies from going invisible and stunning them without using a skill), panzer and caine. also drake and heim lol my whole pvp team… but i promise you won’t regret upgrading them, and i have a bunch i upgraded and now never use

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I just was surfing through forum for advices on which heroes to work with. I am already working with night and clyde, unlocked mandrake. I am yet to unlock caine or heimlock or panzer so waiting for that day. Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Old school hero choices is more fun - pre-OP and revive toons =D

Guys this is an old thread of mine, started in May… Since then we have had

Colonel Wesson

The game has moved on lots, and my old list can also safely die.

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I have a 6-star Plat level 60 maxed abilities Clyde (7.9k power). Best hero I’ve invested in. Not even kidding, he is always the top of the damage charts.

@DarthUconn - Just so you’re aware, this is an 8-month old thread. It’s extremely outdated by now and should be left to die quietly in peace. It’s better to leave old threads alone rather than resurrect them with new comments.