Who should be a priority?

I currently only have a few 6s and I’m debating who I grind to get to 10s for heroiunuim or whatever. So far Surge, Dogface, and Chesterfeild are 6*s, who should I grind to get there and who is the easiest?

As for now, Dogface is the only farmable one and the best one in the gang. In fact he’s the best one in the game probably. You can farm him from the Gauntlet store each day while Surge is rare crate loot only. Chesterfield is lootable in a smaller scale, a maximum of 9 fragments per day from the hard campaign missions, but he’s barely not worth the struggle. I can’t promise Dogface will stay in the Gauntlet store forever but as he is there now it’s best to buy all fragments you can each day.

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Choose heroes from the Hard mode frags, sentry, keel, nightingale, and cross are good and useful 10stamina choices. Then 2 years later and if the devs don’t change the heroes, you’ll have a source for 10star frags.