Top 10 most useful Hero's

Hi everyone

Can you suggest the Top 10 hero’s that you think they are more useful and user’s should focus on them… ?


I think my top 10 looks kind of like this:

Dogface - for any game mode he’s essential with his enormous damage output.

Odachi - when it comes to bio damage dealers this guy does the job best.

Caine - awesome support character with “the whole kit” as to speak.

Nightingale - awesome healer and pretty strong but slow sniper rifle.

Mandrake - simply because his ability to turn everyone invisible is still awesome in PVP.

Halo - at platinum she becomes the best energy damage dealer.

Razorback - because he is THE tank.

Moss - for his awesome skills he’s #1 healer.

Oracle - another “whole kit” character who’ll deal damage, heal wounds, make enemies run around looking for cover and speed up skill charging times.

Panzer - for being a sick psycho.


My Top 10 is very similar to ULFPAM. I would probably remove Halo and replace with Heimlock though. He’s super-tanky, has good healing and adds a ton of surviveability to your team. Great for both PvP and PvE. I might replace Oracle with Ifrit as well - even after his nerf he’s still a huge pain in the ass in PvP. All of his skills have great utility there. Disclaimer though: I don’t have Oracle so my opinion is a little skewed.

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Heimlock is good but I wanted to include at least one Energy DPS. :slight_smile:

If you are new and don’t have access to heronium, the easiest and best heroes to level are:

Dogface through Gauntlet
Nightingale through hard mode and events
Mandrake through PVP

These three are top tier, and fairly easy to get to boot. Other heroes who are just as good, if not better are:


None of these are easily accessible for new players though, unless you want to sink a ton of cash into the game. For a close second tier that are easy to get, I would say the following fit that bill:

Keel can be gotten through hard mode
Flatline can be gotten through Gauntlet

Odachi is also a good second tier DPS, but he is more difficult to get. Moss is a close second tier healer but again, is not the easiest to get.