Best Team with Gammond

Hi guys!
Today I’ve unlocked Gammond through PvP store. I tried him and I think he’s very good.
Can you suggest me a good team with Gammond?
The heroes I have are the same of my last topic
(I need help for PvP)
but I have unlocked Kunoichi, Surge, Razorback, Mandrake and Heckler.
Thanks in advance for your answers!

Can you post your heroes w/lvl & stars? The community is always happy to make some suggestions, but we need to know what you have available.

Gammond is fun to play and as a side note, he’s Developer Omnipotent’s favorite hero.

Dogface is 5 Stars at Gold ( his skills are at 46, my team level)
Oracle is 5 Stars, with Bronze skill at 36 and Sliver at 30.
Cinder is 5 Stars, and Skills are at 46 and 46
Flatline is 5 Stars and her Skills are at 46 and 46
Yanlong is 3 Stars and Skills are both at 30.
Halo is 3 Stars and Skills are at 33 and 29.
Matador ( 4 Stars and Skills at 33 and 20)
Butter (3 Stars and Skills at 46, 45)
Maven (3 Stars, Skills at 29 and 18)
Nightingale (3 Stars, Skills at 22 and 18)
Beck (2 Stars, Skill at 18m, she’s not Silver yet)
Sentry(2 Stars, Skills at 30 and 22)
Cast (2 Stars, Skills at 41, and 27)
Keel (2 Stars, Skills at 40 and 30)
Mandrake (3 Stars, Skills at 46)
Razorback (5 Stars, Skills at 33 and 27)
Kunoichi (1 Star, Skills very low)
Surge (3 Stars, Skills at level 2, never used him)
Hardscope (1 Star, never used him)
Ryker (2 Stars, Skills at 19)

The six heroes I use in my team (Dogface, Butter, Flatline, Mandrake, Cinder) are at 46, the others are lower.

I find that Gammond is actually a fairly good “generalist” and can work well in almost any team comp, (tho they did nerf his healing and his Killshot a bit in recent updates). He brings a decent amount of “tankiness” to your team, with some extra healing to help your primary healer.

Gammond is cool great utility hero so he can always slip into a lot of team comps

I wonder if I could substitute Gammond with Butter in my team. Is it a good choice?

maybe, that fit might be a bit harder to pull off, because Butter has a good taunt, and shields for the team… but I could see it more or less working, if you provide some more team wide protection in the rest of your team, like another multi shielder or a Team Healer or Gold Mandrake.

I see. Thank you for your suggestion