Best damage dealers

Help me pick my team
Just wanted know the best damagers in the game with reasonable amount of health and good damage
Any suggestions are welcomed except…SERIAL
He is present with just top 10% of hunters

Thanks in advance

Depends what level you are playing at? Platinum+5? Ruby? Ruby+4? The game changes drastically depending on these factors

What do u have?

From me:
The old dogface, shivs, Obrez for mech… Siren, Carabina plus skin, for energy… Astrix for bio… All heroes from Teraventa have good DPS too…

From Cpt. Lapo : Alcatraz (better if paired with Surge)…

From Vintermyst : Marlowe…

From Jado : Sapphyr…

:rofl: :rofl:


But IMHO, Serial is beyond exceptional, probably the best hero for now, and he’s useful for every aspect of the game mode (exception to Patrol Squad)…
Missions, pvp, extreme, bounty, co op raid and Alliance war…
Serial can fit in everywhere… Kudos for the designer/ creator team…

I just hope there won’t be any nerf down for him, but buff up for the rest of 7* heroes instead…

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I am at around platinium +5
I have all the heroes except serial, prophet, brogan and artemis

obrez I think is only for covers
siren, astrix and carabina lack terribly in health. I would consider heckler in place of them :crazy_face:

At platinum+5 then heroes such as Siren, Astrix, Kuno, Hideo, Odachi, Kurtz, Kiyoshi, Krieger, 4-cep, Shivs are all good options

I think of basic damage, So that in PvP I can take the target within first 10 seconds
This means I can use bronze skill.
So, 4 cep’s bronze is trash( I love him personally) and sirens bronze is damn long
Kunochi and Odachi lack health terribly
Kiyoshi and Krieger are just supporters. Kiyoshi’s only damage is the silver and plat.
Hideo’s pistol( I find) is really inaccurate, anybody can dodge it.
Shivs, I will try her.

I appreciate your help
Thank you very much @Gale

Sorry, about kurtz,
Oh I can’t leave him anytime because of the execute

4-cep you never want to use his skills, his weapon damage with a level 6 skin is what you want.

Odachi and Kuno also have high weapon damage but Kuno’s knives will easily stun and kill most enemies if you can keep her alive.

Krieger is not support, his gold does massive damage and his Starfall skill can kill most heroes

Kiyoshi also is not support, she can heal yes but her platinum skill is where it’s at. Her lightning does huge damage around 30-40k per tick, this is great for teams that use skills to damage enemies.

Hideo takes some practice but his shots will go exactly where you want him if you shoot straight, he shoots slow but does massive damage. His knives can knockback every enemy as well and trigger Halo/Kiyoshi/Krieger. He can also stun

Kurtz also isn’t good because of his execute but rather his platinum, Fierce retaliation which does huge continuous damage to enemies, paired with Krieger, Halo or Kiyoshi you will see enemies go down very fast.

It seems you are lacking in information for why these heroes are good, hopefully this explains them better and shows why you can’t just write off heroes because they are too slow, or only good for support in your eyes. Never judge heroes by their skills only, you will only limit your teams by doing this. :smiley:

I understand you are trying to do fast damage dealers within 10 seconds and you likely have seen this from facing ruby teams. I hate to break it to you but at Platinum+5 100-120k teams you won’t find this very often. Ruby teams using ruby heroes have that massive boost to their damage which makes this possible, but at platinum the matches are considerably slower. For example I play at 180k using Ruby+4 heroes and matches are over completely in 10-15 seconds, at platinum you are looking at near a minute a match, maybe 30 or 45 seconds if you are using good heroes.

Harbringer is amazing but doesn’t have the highest health pool, ronin is okay he has a shield that charges fast, and shiv and cep are amazing dps with cep having a high health pool

ahem I correct you.
I’ve never said Alcatraz is a good DPS, for that Marlowe is.
Alcatraz helps you doing a lot of damage, not do a lot of damage.

Difference lads, difference


Absolutely correct my friend. :+1:t2:

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Oh, Thank you for correcting.
I use a team to abuse absolutely every plat skill.
Team: Kurtz, Halo/Kiyoshi, Ronin and hivemind.
Better if you can understand why.
Looking for second team

I think krieger is best damage dealer . He does damage more than serial overall. Serial is best in killing fast any enemy and is best.

All middle dps, dont loose your time on rear dps, because on ruby middle line dps are better, so forget dogface,astrix,…only krieger is good, kurtz is good with lvl 1 ally but i think is stupid way to play this game

Best top 5 dps for me are : Ryker,halloway,Serial,Shiv and carabina(good because of a bug with silver skill)

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You know me too well, lol, Marlowe is my top pic, haha.


Why not Heckler?
He is my current Damager and his basic damage( Gun ) is so high. I love him. He can kill any threat within 10 seconds

Heckler is good, at ruby he is a beast as well. His skills leave something to be desired but he is very good same as Saph

I alternate between Ryker, Heckler and use Cinder with either of them…