Who are some top heros for bounties?

Who are some of your heros that can rack up some damage?

Just recently brought astrix up and she was hittng atleast 6 mil easily. Any other heros you can say?

(Not talking about when they are the bonus heros)

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Kuno , Astrix, dogface , irezumi , Alcatraz and commando are some beast heroes for Bounty. Although at ruby, names even change too

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I would not rely on heroes in general for bounty, work on getting DPS heroes upgraded for the coming bonus faction, for example the next bounty will be ‘The Watch’ and ‘Shoremen’.

This means heroes such as Yeager, Astrix, Fischer, Scum and Heckler are good from these factions.

Some heroes are high ups regardless of if they are bonuses or not, but you will have a much greater result in upgrading the heroes that are in the current monthly bonus compared with heroes that are not. Shoremen heavily relies on using Fischer and his bronze skill, his kick does massive damage and can be done 2/3 times a match doing upwards of 12-16m damage a kick so if you are at the level of platinum try and get him upgraded as high as possible. I also hear the new hero is good for damage but it is unlikely you will have him doing coop raids by the first bounty.

If you ever want to know the best heroes for the current faction then just ask here on the forums, or on the HH discord server, someone will always be willing to help!


Thanks for the reply from both you guys.

Yeah I’ve been focusing on the next bonus group. Just wondering if anyone else that surprisingly is good that could be support for when I have those heros in

And yeah Fischer’s kick is crazy! Until it kills him haha

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Galante, Oro, Hideo, Jarek and Surge are sleeped on as additional heroes to your bounty’s main hitters.

Krieger will be added to that list. His marked damage modifier is huge for the team.

Galante works best in the first encounter of a hunt, clear out all the generics, root the bounty, and use strafe. It’s something close to 400K damage before the damage multiplier.

Kunoichi-Surge-Alcatraz is a good one (assuming Alcatraz is plat and Kuno is gold, of course). Root with Surge ASAP, then just shoot with Kuno, don’t even use her bronze (but use her silver).

I’ve seen high damage from Irezumi, Astrix, and Commando, too.

Purifer-Surge + Alcatraz and sometimes Halo was fantastic the last couple bounties (even on Mechs), and I imagine it’ll still work really well.

And obviously, Fischer is gonna shred bounties. Since he sacrifices his own health, be sure to have Bucket and Moss with him; their heals will keep up since they’re boosted too, allowing Fischer to deal more damage with his bronze skill (kick).

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