Biggest update ever?

Why would be april update biggest update ? Whats the differences with other months ?

You’ll have to wait for the update notes to see!

Also, we said “one of the biggest updates ever,” I’m fairly sure. Not the biggest. Keep your eyes open, and keep an open mind, as always!


Thanks muninn for the informations and your great talking to players

When is it going to be released. I’m nervous to make my ronin plat +4 and have him get nerfed lol

As always, we don’t announce release dates early, just in case unforeseen delays occur.


The last update was pretty small compared to most with no new skins, levels, or major hero changes so it makes sense April would be a bigger update

As per update I can’t wait for it. And I hope @Muninn and the other developers change the buying cash with gold to the old system. Of 1x10 and then 4x20. I use to spend 90 gold on daily basis. Now with 10x25 is 250 gold per day and that’s to much. Personally I’ve stopped doing that since they changed it. I wish it will go back to that.

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I think the update is bigger because the alliance wars will probably be in it as a permanent gameplay and they are going to up the max team level to 90 so we could also be looking at a new solo mission upgrade for the higher level?

The upgrade to teamlevel 90 was visible in the coop missions (like more of you might have noticed) there was a option there for 90+ teamlevels.

It’s quite a lack luster update. even if it has Alliance Wars. Alliance Wars isn’t something you play. you just semi-blindly toss heroes at enemies and dont even get to watch em fight.

quite disappointed seeing as their other larger updates have been game changers and added tons of stuff - balance and otherwise.

considering they had to split it in two, i guess it is big

According to munnin 2nd part of the update will only have district 14

I have to agree. What makes this one of the biggest updates exactly? The new Alliance Wars? That’s pretty boring and not really a big deal to most.

Meanwhile we get 1 new skin (what’s with no skins last update and only one this time?), no balance changes, a holiday event that I am sure is the same as last year (just with different egg placement), the standard 1 new hero, and the new district and level cap.

It’s an ok sized update, but I definitely wouldn’t say one of the biggest.

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So, I’m rethinking what could actually go down for the update. Kurtz’ preview came out with version 2.0, so I’m thinking something is actually going to go down that will be pretty cool. Very neat HHG.

Totally dissapointed. Look like if something may did wrong way – HH did it. Stealth changes in Hard Campain, more useless shop tokens, no skins, new hero from Forged Fantasy setting, all new events start after few days or even half month. Big Fat Liar update, lol.


Ya, I would have rather seen them focus on all the issues currently in the game rather than put so much effort into Alliance Wars. Give us new, interesting skins, fix Ronin, make some of the other useless heroes viable, fix the cash flow problem, fix PVP abuse, give us better rewards or change Gorgon Wakes, etc.

These are all things the community has been asking for for months, if not over a year now. Meanwhile hardly anyone wanted or cared about Alliance Wars.

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