July Update Feedback

So far, all I can say is: Nice Update, overall.

I would like to give a personal feedback overview of most things implemented, so, here goes:

  1. Skin Boosts:
    I am not a true fan of Skins giving boosts, yet I kind of like it… In most games I’ve played, skins have been purely cosmetic, yet, this game gives skins a new take, and yet, not too overbearing… A 1% / 2% boost of a certain bonus is something not too overpowering, and gives us an incentive to obtain skins in the first place… I like it!!

  2. Heronium:
    Not gonna lie, I was a little skeptical about this to begin with, yet I feel the amount of elemental shards given (not to mention the ability to buy TWO - THREE different kinds of elemental shards at a time, meaning we are TECHNICALLY given universal shards for duplicate 10* frags) is very reasonable… :slight_smile: I like it!

  3. Faction Icons next to Heroes:
    Great job on this, allows us to see which heroes belong to what factions very easily, BUT … still would like to see a “SORT HERO” option to sort heroes by faction, element, grade, or level…

  4. City Hall Bug Still Present

  5. Black Market
    Holy shit, does this still exist???
    Literally just saw 10 Nightingale shards for 270 gold … To put this into perspective, Nightingale is obtainable in hard mode for 9 shards per day… Those 9 shards per day in hard mode cost me 90 stamina (10 stamina per 9 missions)… At VIP10 I can purchase a stamina refill (150 stamina) for 40 gold… DEVS, PLEASE TELL ME HOW{ITZER} THIS IS FAIR/EQUIVALENT??? 270 GOLD TO PURCHASE 10 SHARDS… OR 40 GOLD FOR 150 STAMINA TO ACQUIRE MORE THAN THE SAME AMOUNT OF SHARDS FOR 6X TIMES LESS GOLD…???
    The inexperienced players that are actually purchasing these deals are being scammed… Is that how you’d like to treat the players that are unfamiliar to this game??

  6. 2X / 3X Autoplay Option
    This is the best thing to happen in my opinion! Gauntlet finishes SOO much quicker now, and is MUCH less of a burden…
    Although, I still would love to see an expanded Gauntlet with more Sectors / higher difficulties.

  7. DogFace/Caine Nerfs
    Personally, I feel like Caine was a bit overpwered as a support, and the measures that were taken to nerf him (I feel) were extremely reasonable and fair. Similarly, with DogFace, even though I feel he did not need a nerf at all, I know some people felt he did; and the measures that were taken, as for Caine, I felt were very reasonable and fair. Well done!

  8. Gorgon Wakes
    I’m glad you added another difficulty, BUT, I am still very unhappy with the rewards this co-op gives as a whole. Personally, I am very ‘unincentivized’ to even do my daily gorgons, since the rewards are not provocated… May I propose that this co-op gives a % chance reward to give away shards for a specific hero…? Personally, I hate doing Gorgon, mostly because the rewards are shit… Please improve this and add an incentive.

  9. Skins
    I understand they were JUST introduced, but we need wayyy more skins… I look forward to exclusive skins that will be rewarded for holiday events, such as Halloween, Christmas, or Valentines Day… Hoping you add an exponential amount of skins next update, compared to the amount you added this update.

  10. Solo/Co-Op Raid Events
    These are not exclusive to this particualar update, for example Primus… But I just wanted to say how awesome these are, (currently loving Razordome) and I look forward to seeing these types of events in the future, thank you devs :slight_smile:

On a scale of 1-5, how satisfied are you with the July update?

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If you chose 3 or below, please discuss your opinion.


So far I am a fan of what I see. The new Razorback solo raid event is splendid and Panzer looks cool. I wanna unlock her ASAP.
Doggie nerf doesn’t seem like a big deal; the buffs to other characters are bigger deals. Good rebalancing.

Biggest let down:
Another month with a blue featured faction. I’m sick of blue.


Gonna be honest, I’m extremely glad to see the buffs to Fischer and Elite Rifleman. Fischer is one of my favorite heroes, and his tether is now ridiculous, makes him a much stronger hero with just that one change. I haven’t tried out Elite Rifleman yet, but his new bronze seems quite interesting, and brings a certain uniqueness to the character that was previously missing.

On a side note, has anyone noticed if any heroes have been updated with permanent voices? It feels like it’s been awhile since we’ve seen some new updates to that

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Nice summary buddy and am with you on most points - totally missed the fact there was a fast forward option! Had to re-read the update notes…All in all a great update and one that came out of nowhere for me - I had no idea it was imminent.

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Cast and mauler replaced sentry and maven in pvp store, so I can get Maven’s frags only from daily quests. Farming Maven is harder from now on lol

I do miss the Mariachi matador though :joy:


Also cast looks like a big daddy from BioShock


I love the update for the quality of life changes. But again, nerfing is never the solution. Stop touching working characters.

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