Black Friday Deals Blitz!


The holiday mood continues after Halloween in the HH universe! And what are holidays in this day and age without some deals and offers? Spend less and get more should be the way, right?

From Nov 24th until Nov 27th, here comes the Black Friday Deals Blitz! Spend gold to earn points and climb the tiers to earn some cool rewards, including Hero frags for some liked Heroes like Stygia, Verrill, and more, and also a thematic portrait!

Razorback has taken off his pumpkin skin and seems to have found a new calling:

One Gold spent equals One point in the Blitz!

Tier 1 = 30 points
Tier 2 = 100 points
Tier 3 = 300 points
Tier 4 = 600 points
Tier 5 = 1000 points
Tier 6 = 1500 points
Tier 7 = 2000 points
Tier 8 = 2500 points
Tier 9 = 3500 points
Tier 10 = 5000 points

There will also be some new special offers during that period!

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