This is a joke?

Maybe im wrong but no make sense this new blitz…
Why spend gold for a 10 frag hero that anyone can unlock or get fragments in hard missions even new players…
i would love add kunoichi in solo raid…well thanks for free tokens… good heronium btw :smirk::+1:


Like with all the other recent Blitz, there will likely be a daily login calendar that gives you 10 free tokens, this allows you to get the lowest tier of the blitz and get 5 more tokens for free. So essentially you are getting 15 crates for free. No point in complaining, if you have Kuno then you don’t need to open any crates just get the free reward :smiley:

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Should have been Serial blitz with daily tokens to open it. That would be crazy for players who don’t have him yet like me.


Just imagine there will be an error with my system & I got KLG commander(KURTZ) in place of Kunoichi…

Hhh… My whole life will be set :heartbeat:

Currently, m living a sed loife

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I was hoping for a Striker and Lancer token crate like they did for Commando and Purifier


Thanks for the feedback in this thread! Make sure to let us know what Heros you wan’t to see in these types of events! We are looking forward to giving a lot of Heros some love, even the lower star ones <3


Godlante. Please lol.



Church of godlante blitz event, you have to pray daily to the lord and savior of Hero Hunters, the great godlante, for tokens. Only the truly worthy will receive.


Nothing wrong with Blitzes working as a catch up mechanic on older heroes and as a source of heronium, although I don’t need any of these at the moment (heronium store needs to expand or get improved like adding a refresh option).

Instead of just heroes, I would like to see double stamina Blitz events when purchased with gold etc. (not a monthly event but a special one that happens from time to time)


Should have been SERIAL CRATE. :no_mouth:

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Well, you also have to think of it as
Who already has Kuno will get free frags, who already has her at 10* gets free Heronium.
And think also that these special hero crates doesn’t give only Kuno, maybe someone will get Artemis instead.
¿Who knows?

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I personally, don’t discuss for kuno … but the related rewards … guys 75k-25k etc are ridiculous.You could put frag mk5 / 6 (even 1 as far as I’m concerned), alliance gems … even bucks… but 75k is ridiculous!

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that is my point… even in danger min simulator we can see 25k, 50k or 75k of bucks… im like really? is better that they just remove it because it is not enough for upgrade a simple skill… the kunoichi fragments is a plus lol…

I’d rather see lesser used heroes. Give them a chance to shine. Forget the meta heroes.


Way too many crate events. Pollution causes excitement on opening to vanish. Here claim all tokens to click four more times and claim 5 more tokens. Too many crates.

So you’re saying we should give out fewer Crate Tokens as prizes? Note that this doesn’t mean something else would take their place.

Now that’s a great idea! Double stamina events. With mark 5 and 6 being a grind to get, I would love to see some stamina events and sales/crates.

Please don’t.

We already lost Team exp in several places because people said it was useless and didn’t help.

Keep these events coming! But maybe add some MK frags in with the rewards? :slight_smile:


I don’t think less of these crates should happen. And a lot of high players might not have her 10 stars. It’s free and we can still get other hero’s in it. I think we need more variety. Lancer though should of gotten his shine with striker since they are both bonus this month. I think the forgotten older hero’s can have too. We also shouldn’t get less free tokens. Maybe kuno paired with lancer or striker.

We need a serial crate but we might see it when they release the 100th hero, that may be the newest 7 star; to replace serial in war; which makes serial a little more easier to obtain. Only way to get serial is in alliance wars. Serials crate was a one hit wonder. To be honest, he should of had maybe 1-2 more crates. Especially when his faction was a bonus. Not fair the other 7 star hero’s shine with crates.

I would love MK cores as prizes in crates. I personally would buy at the chance for the 5s and 6s, to get closer to having more rubies. They shouldn’t stop though at 1 each as a prize. Shouldn’t be expensive as well. Cheaper than a hero crate, in regards of gold. A lot would agree tokens for this would be great. Only thing you can get are core frags and a fully assembled core at a lower percentage.

Double stamina sounds awesome.

I would like for Jackal and Venom get their own crate too; together. And be part of a bonus faction of the month.

I think maybe to throw a curve ball, you can earn tokens with your alliance. Something fresh and new. We always have the same events. Maybe we do something like mini versions of war but battles against other alliances. I think we need something new, never seen.

Would love to see different and more unique events. Maybe for the Halloween event when we shoot pumpkins for candy corn, there’s a bonus tier for the extreme mission for higher quantity in candy corn.