Black market hero frags insanely expensive

Has anyone ever bought these? I hope not. Makes no sense at all 750 gold for 30 frags. Why is it so expensive? Crates much better


But you get a sepcific and not a random Hero.

But you are right, i wouldnt buy it either.

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I agree, the black market deals are not very attractive. Either the prices need a rework or the game should find new ways of granting us gold.


We’re getting more gold lately trough events and PvP tournaments, so that’s not really the issue.

I agree with the high gold price for the frags, I don’t buy them, on the other hand they are worth what a fool pays for it.

I sometimes buy gear I need a lot, silver gear offers arer ok, gold and plat can be a little steep depending on which gear.

A little reworking could help though

I completely agree with the insanely costs of hero frags. I feel like it is overpriced.

The PvP Store is a lot cheaper in a lot of sense as all you have to do is win a match and you get 100 PvP gems unlike gold you have to a whole ton of stuff just obtain them and they do seem to appearing a bit more often by come harder to gain them then PvP gems

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I wish they can calculate the price better in such a way that it’s lucrative to buy a few pieces of hero’s frag (10-15?) at a price lower than getting a crate. Right now I have 30 operator frags for 750 gold. Who would? =0

Agree, and there should be an alternative to use in game cash.