Why are the devs penalising the loyal payers

Yeager special offer
VIP 0: 199 Gold for 25 frags + 1 A Token and 1 B Token (Basically a free 5 star and 3 star)
Total Frags Obtained: 25 + 165 + 60
(1.25 Frags per gold spent)

VIP15: 1199 Gold for 200 frags + 1 A Token, 1 B token
Total Frags Obtained: 200 + 165 + 60
(0.35 Frags per gold spent)

I am sure this is not the first time that we have seen such difference in value offers for VIP vs non VIP players
What’s with this discrepancy? Why are you guys penalising us instead of giving us more value for spending on this game?

Offers or no offers, it is the spenders (aka vip players) that provide financial support to this game. Just because we support the game regularly doesn’t mean that we will continue to pay in future if such vip0 high value offers are not available to us. Please do not take our regular spending for granted, thank you


I think it’s simple.
High VIP, high likelihood of spendings a few extra dollars.

Also the higher vip still do get more frags even if it is more expensive which i dont agree with but still.

Someone who is vip 13 and above in discord said they would buy the offer for 199 gold, so they did not buy the 1199 gold, which was the current price for them.

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Vip 11, offre à 499 Gold

That’s like saying, we will just sell high since they can afford it…

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i dont agree with whats happening but at least theyre offering more frags for the higher price. though i still think its ridiculous

So people who already spend over 1500$ now need to spend x4 to get the same value as people who didn’t spend?

@Huginn @Muninn


The thing is if you want those tokens - yes. But do you want them that bad? As a VIP 12 or whatever I don’t see much value in a random 5* as that special token / crate gives.

Try to understand math

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Math is not revelant to what I was stating but OK you really need a random 5* hero I see but now sad.

Why surprised, bro? We already discussed this more than a month ago and it’s still the same situation - high VIP players get exploited, low VIP and AFK players get the best deals.

Yes bro, this is EXACTLY the situation.

Perfect response :slight_smile:


@Matsoba Just Out of curiosity, your vip is under 2 and you’re under 150k power?

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No I am VIP 14 and I don’t need these offers whether they cost me 200 or 2000 gold. I let the puppy players have these. 200 gold for 20 Yeager frags and a token for 165 random 5* fragments is not something that is attractive for me, but I understand it is attractive for puppies who don’t have their 5* unlocked yet.
Of course the expensive deal is a worse deal but but I don’t have to care about Yeager or the silly noob tokens anyway so.

Ahh, so you have no clue how heronium works, and call 800k players puppies who had bad luck with 1 hero, I see.

I add 0 value to your opinion from now on.

Enjoy Easter and your puppy dinner.

That tone was unnecessary.
Sorry your Easter and your entire life is shredded to molecules because of this offer but you’ll get over it. Good lord help this guy have his endless stream of heronium because his almighty VIP level. Give him 20 class A tokens for his edgy attitude… Then let the rest cry over P2W until nothing remains of humanity.

Wow, you used both GTFO and STFU. No matter my opinion I never used that kind of language.

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@Matsoba - You clearly missed the entire point of the post. I’m not sure why you’re fixated on whether or not the deal is worth it.

The point is that offers dramatically favor new players and those that haven’t put much money into the game. The HHG blatantly take advantage of their loyal veteran players and it’s incredibly obvious. What do your arguments have to do with anything that’s relevant to this topic…? You’re being contrarian just for the sake of being edgy.

@Kraterios Just ignore his uninformed, off-topic nonsense.

Oh no, here comes another identical one! And this one tells the first one to ignore me but then keeps argunenting against me. Gotta love the “bro I’m got your back” culture. I had actually decided to leave this conversation but you calling me back with your hilarious stabbing just made my day and I wanted to let know you that, thanks!