Bonus quick wins differentiation

I’ve noticed that I am receiving 10 bonus quick win video daily. but some of my friends getting 15/20 bonus quick win videos daily.

Why this discrimination happen by HH / developers???

@Muninn @Huginn @LordNikon @ULFPAM

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I could make a joke here but I’m not gonna.
I am not a Hothead developer. I am not even a Hothead at all.
Or a developer.


i apologize to you that i put you in between developers…

i just want to convey my message & i see your post in almost all thread thats why i put your name here.

I thought may be my voice not put any effect on developers ears. If you like community stars raise voice for this then this topic can gain some attention from developers.

Sorry, I don’t know anything about this. I haven’t watched a quick win video in my entire life. :slight_smile:

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It is against the forum rules to spam the devs. They read the forums, there’s no need to call special attention to your post in particular over others.

Furthermore, if you feel there is a technical issue with the game, then the forum is not the place for it anyway. Bring it up via the in-game support ticket system.


You are lucky if you have 10, I have 8 each day ahah
But I didn’t consider it as an issue but I can understand the fustration…

Dont use it for 2 days there will be more than 10 quick win videos be sure of that

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The videos dont refresh daily, it sometimes takes a while to regenerate

You should maybe think about starting. I always use them on hard missions. Pick up eight frag’s extra a day. Very helpful. Use them on the highest level missions and save yourself a ton of energy.


Thanks! Bit it sounds awfully boring to watch a video just to get a tiny tiny compensation. I’m not that in need of 8 frags per day.


Who said anything about watching? Click and set down. :grin:

But in all reality check me out in game (same name). Yes, I am VIP 13, so I’ve spent some money. But I also do every little thing I can to get stars. When you see my heroes you’ll know why I do what I do.

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@ULFPAM It’s definitely worth it, the rewards add up.

Take a look at my roster in-game (same name as well) (VIP 1 btw). Every hero that I now have at 10 stars (with the exception of Butter), I used quick win ads to help out with. There was a time in my “Hero Hunters career” where I would grind Nightingale, Cross, Ryker, Keel, and Hardscope in Hard Mode Campaign every day, without fault (albeit most of the grind was with energy). Now they, and many others, are at 10 stars.

Side note: I’m able to do 15 ads per day, wtf?

I tried, I didn’t use it yesterday and I’m stuck at 8 videos…

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