Stacked Bonus Quick Wins

Hello fans of HH,

Since some of use are using the Bonus quick wins to farm hero fragments from hard campaign missions, I think a nice idea would be to allow the usage of the ‘quick win 3’ button using the quick win and watching 3 video ads in a row. I find it pretty annoying that we have to watch an ad and then repeat all the button pressing process.

What do you think?

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I am not against it but I also don’t see the importance of it. It’s just a few clicks to start a new video. If I developed the game I would put this far down the backlog. :slight_smile:

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From our perspective, this would be convienient and i like it. From an ad revenue stand point, who would want their ads in here if people can hit the button once and walked away? And worse, if you were going to click at the end of an ad because you were interested and it moves onto the next one, they lose your interest/click. Highly doubt this would ever get changed.


I dont think the time and effort should be used for this. Its a lovely idea however for those days when free quick wins are glitched, It would tilt me knowing I watched three videos for nothing