Why bonus quick video " free quick win " decrease after becoming VIP

I have noticed that the number of videos ad videos available to watch decreased the half from 20 to 10 and no notes was ever mentioned that will happen after becoming VIP

Is this a planned thing or its a bug, not sure actually please fix this

Love the game

I always had exactly 8 videos per day, regardless my vip level

That’s weird, I’ve always had 15 a day. For a brief time, I was able to do more, and, at another time, less. Now I’m back at 15.

You should talk to Player Support about it.

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Was a post before it’s based on level. The lower the level the more they give to keep them engaged in coming back. The higher the level the less you get

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No it was immediate change the day I became VIP the videoes decreased the half and it was like that ever since, so it is not about the level and I was already on high level maybe (86 or 87)

Just what I’ve read before. Just saying is all

No its not the level i just mentioned this the other day when i went from vip 3 to vip 6 i lost more than half of my videos. Thought there was suppose to be all benefits the higher the vip the better. I guess just not with special offers and quick win vids lol

Yeah sometimes I regret becoming VIP, it supposed to give you more benefits not to take from you

And just the Idea that nothing of this was mentioned before and no explanation is given after make me feel like they tricked me

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I forgot to mention that I’ve been VIP 1 for the majority of my time on this game, including the time when I had more than and less than 15 videos per day (still currently VIP 1). What is your VIP level currently @SadRain?

@DESTROYER1DAN I was VIP 0 then went straight to vip 5 and this change is there from the first day till today

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@LordNikon @Muninn
Can we have answer please

It’s a combination of multiple factors that put you into a different cohort where you get fewer videos. As was mentioned, we provide more for certain users to encourage them to engage with the game more. Once they’re established, they have many more sources for various resources, so they don’t require as many videos to be competitive.

Understood, but most people will only decide to become VIP in a way that brings more benefits not make them lose some so maybe this should be mentioned to people who are planning to become VIP just to avoid confusion

Plus this is a great game and a lot people will accept watching Ad for, if this make things easier and it still optional so no one will complain about it and if everyone have the same amount of it then the game will remain competitive and fair, just a suggestion

Love the game, thanks for answering @Muninn

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