Fancy a quickie?

Hi - I tend to post questions. The quick win option is ace when trying to cut down on hours of grinding.

What’s even better is that you can watch a video to earn a quick win without using up quick win tickets or stamina if you’re missing one or the other.

However, why is it that it that the video quick win isn’t always available?
I understand that it won’t be if:

  • you have a quick win ticket and the stamina to earn a quick win in the normal fashion.
  • you have not 3-starred the mission beforehand.
    But why is it not always available when you don’t have both the ticket and stamina available and have 3-starred the mission?

Is it capped deliberately to encourage people to actually play the game more - I get that if that’s the case. Just wondering I suppose…


Yes, it’s capped. You can only do that 8 times per day.

Cheers bud …

Hey @Poobgloob, sshhh (:shushing_face:) don’t tell anyone but I am on quickwin video #30 or so today. It’s just really inconsistent, some days I only manage to do 5, today I manage to do 30.



It’s always been 8 though


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