A couple of PVP ideas

Has anyone brought the idea of a gauntlet style PvP? Where instead of PvP lives you get only 3 matches per hero for each 12 hour reset. This would force people to use different combinations but still allow the VIP’s to buy back previously used heroes. Also the Dev’s randomly select 10 bonus heroes that have a small booster bonus.

Another idea I had was a wheel of fortune style PvP. Teams 45 and under would choose 10 of their own heroes and teams 46 and up would select 15 heroes. Each match your team is randomly selected from your chosen list for the duration of the event. All heroes would the same level like in hero draft( lvl 50 gold). I could see this being a fun event once every couple of months. I think it offers a chance to see how good you really are with different heroes to break away from standard PvP events.

Also what a 2 man PvP event where you and teammate or random partner each pick 2 heroes. You would have 15 seconds to change your picks once you see your teammates picks. Maybe if all goes well then turn into a 5v5 where you play only one hero but have 4 other teammates.

Lastly a subtle change to hero draft. Instead of showing all heroes picked maybe only show 3 out of the 5 heroes?