Stats, skins, alliance wars and the nerf bat

I had a few ideas that are worth considering:

  1. Viewable player stats with interesting data e.g. pvp kills, pve kills, victories, fastest pvp match, longest pvp match, etc.

  2. The ability to challenge fellow alliance members to pvp matches. No rewards are needed. It would help people try out new team ideas and settle the friendly, my X is better than your Y team.

  3. Alliance Wars

  4. Skins. Different hero skins would keep people on their toes. It’s something that makes gold for the company but doesn’t impact the FTW vs PTW dynamic.

  5. Mandrake needs to have a limit to his stealth. Too many matches are tied by a losing Mandrake player waiting out the clock. Also most other gold abilities that proc when a hero falls below a certain hit point level, only occur on the first occurence, not every time like Mandrake.


Keep your hands of mandrake, removing his gold to a once a match thing will break PvP and pve

Thanks for the ideas @Exarch!

All I can really say is that ideas 1 to 4 are all either things the team also wants to see or is actively working towards right now :wink:

As for Mandrake: We made some recent adjustments to him and we’re going to continue to monitor his performance closely. Its often tempting to make large balance adjustments to heroes that are either too strong or too weak but we believe that making lots of small adjustments and studying the impacts they have will result in a better experience for everyone, even if it means a strong hero remains too strong for a little while longer.

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Before you start taking the skins idea too seriously, please consider that some of your player base might be color blind and squinting to see if you are hitting sentry or nightingale is not going to help old eyes, infact it will reduce playtime due to physical stress

I appreciate the response Rook. One more item on the list. The drop rate for quick win tickets in pvp chests seems a bit high. For VIP players they are worthless. We’d love to see the ability to sell the tickets for ingame cash.

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But let’s keep complaining about Mandrake…

19 seconds

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I seriously feel your pain and I agree that the Halo nerf didn’t go far enough with her. No hero should be a game changer. So far platinum Halos are uncommon. Gold Mandrake is in every fight, and he’s a game changer. Platinum Halo = Win Button, so maybe she needs tweaked again first, but Mandrake needs to be adjusted. If you aren’t running him and the other guy is, you are at a major disadvantage. I have him, I run him, but I can still acknowledge that he is OP.

I’m top 100 this event and I barely used mandrake, also mandrake is countered quick, high damage energy hero can kill him off, sentry staggers him to death, and tons of other ways to fight, take down the healers and Mandrake is screwed.

The only thing that might needs a little change is his stealth speed, don’t have it that often that players do this but once they lost everything they start to roll in stealth and he’s to quick to target on some maps like airfield.

Besides that I don’t have any trouble fighting mandrake with or without him on my team

Maybe we should start a poll to see what people really think about Mandrake, cause changing him to much will break the game for everyone, PvP and pve

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Personally, I’d love to see her platinum tweaked for it to only trigger on active abilities. Reading her skill before the April update that’s what I assumed it would be, so skills like Heckler and Galante that have multiple parts to them would combo a lot better then say a single target stun. As of right now, skills like Baron’s platinum and Cinders gold can trigger Halo’s lighting rod from the very beginning of the fight which leaves a huge disadvantage to any player that does have a similar set up.

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