Both of Wessons active (Bronze/Silver) skills are bugged

Death Mark is not heal blocking (apparently all healblocking doesn’t block heals, just reduces them, not sure what the coefficient is or whether it varies between heroes).

Rolling Thunder is always dealing its bonus damage - probably because the first hit causes enemies to stagger which counts them as out of cover for the bonus damage.

HHG I’ve played 15,000+ PVP games this summer and been closely observing what’s going on with my heroes. Shoot me a PM or something because it seems like you could use some help.

Edit: His plat is giving ‘Loyalty’ bonus HP to all squad members, regardless of their UAF status.

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Healblock doesnt actually block ALL healing, just reduce it by a huge margin.

I don’t know if its healblocking or not, since I barely used Wesson, but seeing healblocked enemies healing is kinda normal. It happens to Callidus and Sapphyr aswell.

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I’ve noticed the same on Callidus’s healblocking but haven’t even gotten them to acknowledge her Gold is broken now.

That would probably explain it, though it would reiterate the need for better skill descriptors.

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her gold seems to be working fine?

I don’t think so

His plat is apparently bugged too. I’m noticing all members of the squad getting the loyalty buff even when none of them are UAF.

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