Healblocking or heal reducing

Just a question why does it say healblocking if the hero that is healblocked just get full health in a couple seconds
Just change it to heal reducing or just fix it that the heal is 100% blocked so it does what it says its now misleading info because itsnt worinkg like it says
It would be really helpfull in pvp if healblocking blocks for 100% and I think the matches are getting fun again now its just a waste space of a hero inithat my team if a hero got healblocking

From my experience, heal block is just a reduction to heals. It’s pretty potent though, and can block most healing. It’s also one of a kind, there’s only two heroes that can do this unique thing, and until there is a hero who can 100% heal block, there is not really any point in renaming it.

I was under the impression that heal block was supposed to block all healing. I had noticed that it doesn’t, but I thought that was a bug. If it’s not going to be fixed, I’m retiring Callidus, Sapphyre, and Wesson immediately.

I already did that its just a waste of space in mine line-up maybe if they change it I would use the heros

I haven’t been able to confirm the percentage but it is way too weak.

Several times I’ve seen people hit with Death Mark heal to full while it was active, same thing with Callidus…

Edit: I think heal block doesn’t even work right now, I’ve seen “blocked” targets receive the full effect of heals.

It may not be a percentage, it may be a finite number. I haven’t been able to confirm this, but its just a speculation of mine.

Yea I just had a round where I actually counted the enemy HP during ‘Death Mark’, Nightingale got a FULL heal onto the target while Death Mark was up.

I think it’s just flat out bugged at this point, which is completely absurd, 3/4 of Wesson’s skills are fundamentally bugged, heal block is bugged, so many bugs.

Came here to say that I also believe his healblock is not working. I’ve seen a Butter being healed from 10% to 100% by a single Matador heal while marked.

I can understand healblock reducing heal and not entirely blocking it, to allow medics to still do something, but this is utterly useless. Not sure if the problem lies within Wesson no applying healblock or with healblock not workikg correctly (since I barely use Callidus/Sapphyr)

I fear it’s not working for all hero’s, in my experience the enemy heals even after the attacks of sapphyr and callidus

I almost started a new topic on this. But will add my thoughts/testing here.

So my understanding (which sounds like it could just be flat out wrong), of what ‘heal block’ does.

  • Stops the hero with the heal block debuff from benefiting from self heals.
  • Stops the hero with the heal block from benefiting from heals cast by allies.

The above two points being valid for the duration of the heal block debuff.

However any correction to my understanding/assumption of what the ‘heal block’ debuff actually does would be greatly appreciated. ie; if it is only a percentage reduction, what is that percentage?

So I first noticed this during the last 5v5 tournament. Though I was just a little unsure whether I was just imagining it, as it can be a little hard to tell when abilities are flying all over the place and … well … some of those abilities could be something like Heimlock’s cleanse.

However, in the brawl just completed, there was no such ability available. I watched very closely and changed up the time I used Colonel Wesson’s ‘Death Mark’. Which in the description states the following:

" Focuses all allied fire towards the target. The enemy is Marked, Heal Blocked and their maximum Health is reduced by 151,292 for 8 seconds. "

To be honest I don’t think I even saw their health drop as per the reduced number stated above, but that could just be something that is hard see graphically in the heat of battle.

The issue I was looking into though, they certainly are not ‘heal blocked’ or even as stated above, reduce the healing they receive.

I played maybe 400 games or so and watched very closely over dozens and dozens of matches. Now one factor I thought could have played a part is latency. So I ensured I tested this so as to time the use of ‘Death Mark’ with enemy heals. From casting at the same time right through to ensuring the mark has been down for 7seconds before the heal comes through. And everywhere in between.

In no way did I see healing reduced/stopped or otherwise effected.

Another thought while writing this, potentially a ‘heal over time’ that is already ticking away on the hero prior to ‘Death Mark’ (or another heal block ability) being applied may not be affected. But that would only account for maybe 10% of the occurrences I was closely watching during the brawl.

Anyway, Just dropping in my 2 cents worth.


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