Hero Spotlight: Colonel Wesson

Icon_Elementmech Colonel Wesson

UAF General

  • “Field Officer” A strategic mastermind. Versatile supporting attacker that marks targets with an oppressive debuff to debilitate his foes and command his allies.


Death Mark :dart::speech_balloon:

Bronze Ability

Colonel Wesson rallies his Team to focus fire an enemy target. Enemies Marked for Death have their maximum Health reduced and are Healblocked for a duration.

Rolling Thunder :rocket::zap:

Silver Ability

Colonel Wesson orders in an airstrike, damaging all enemies on the battlefield. Enemy Heroes out of cover take additional Damage from Rolling Thunder.

Firestorm :fire:

Gold Ability - Passive

Enemies hit by Rolling Thunder have a chance to ignite the ground for a duration, dealing Damage over Time to those who linger in the fire.

Loyalty UAF:heartpulse: :arrow_up:

Platinum Ability - Passive

Colonel Wesson gains bonus Health and Damage for each ally UAF Hero alive on the battlefield. All ally UAF Heroes also receive bonus Health under Wesson’s command.

Where can I get Colonel Wesson!?

  • Colonel Wesson will be available in Co-op Raids
  • Wesson_Fragment_Raid

What do you think of Colonel Wesson?



As a winner from facebook, i’m excited to get him early!

This dude will be defined by his Bronze. I obviously don’t know what the delay on his silver will be like but with the way it’s worded it sounds like it will be direct damage instead of a bunch of red circles that can be dodged. If it’s good damage and can’t be dodged, it could potentially be a very strong skill as well.

His gold looks pretty awful. If you can dodge Rolling Thunder it might as well be a dead skill in PVP (just like Oracle’s Target Down). I would definitely hesitate to take this dude past silver.

His plat looks fun but will almost certainly not be worth it. Unless HHG decided to take a very different approach with this guy it’s likely to be a modest increase - but assault rifle characters have always had subpar DPS due to excessive bloom, small mag sizes, and armor generally punishing high ROF weapons. If you bring a couple UAF along with him it’s unlikely to make a difference that justifies 3-4k power you’ll be giving him, but if you try to bring a 4-5 UAF team then the team is just going to be target practice for Panzer or Dogface since you’ll be way too energy heavy. Ronin has a similar gimmick on his plat except he has a lot more flexibility in the comps he can build and it’s still not viable in PVP.

Conclusion: Make no mistake, his bronze is the possible game-changer here. It’s cooldown, duration, and strength will define whether Wesson sees regular PVP play or ends up as another forgettable midliner. Unfortunately the rest of his kit looks to be pretty weak by comparison, so it’s entirely possible that this dude will be kept around as a silver support, existing solely to utilize the powerful combination of a mark + healblock. Unless HHG has finally created a powerful assault rifle, he seems more useful as a mark-bot than anything else.

Got him to 5* and at silver so far. i need to upgrade his skills, but he is indeed a badass

@GIR Is his bronze as op as it looks ?

i just have the skill at lvl 25. have only been able to do it in one mission, but whoever got marked took the firepower of my team

You really mean OP when you say OP or do you generally mean… Good, useful, utilizing? I see nothing over powered in this skill.
I don’t even really see what the purpose is to reduce targets maximum health while it’s also heal blocked.
I mean I am aware what is means. My Wesson current reduces the targets maximum helath by 50K for 8 seconds. Which means if he marks a full helath-dude with 250K maximum health he’ll be at 200K during this short period instead. So if this target already before I mark him lost (let’s say) 62K healh the effect dork work?

i think he just means what it can do. health reduced and heal blocked and get marked so everyone can shoot you.

Update: Got him to 6*

Verdict: Bad

He hits like a wet paper bag. His silver skill has a fairly long delay but doesn’t miss. Unfortunately it only does decent damage to people out of cover (and even then its not much) and the absolute death sentence is that it has a long cooldown (over 30 seconds) for a teamwide poke.

Like I said his Bronze would determine his viability and the reality is that it takes way too long to charge. Nightingale marks people already and gives the entire team 15% crit and thousands of DPS EACH, her mark cooldown is 15 seconds and it lasts for 10 seconds. If you let the AI play Wesson (which you should because he does NO damage) you can expect to see his Mark go out at around 30-40 seconds - which is close to the time you’ll see Heimlock Sterilize anyway. If you play Wesson you can get off the Mark shortly after 20 seconds with good aim but it only lasts for 8 seconds so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a kill.

If the Mark results in a kill you can see a nice chain reaction with another new Mark going out, but frankly it doesn’t happen as often as you’d think - heroes are often reloading, running from cover to cover, or getting stunned/staggered themselves - and if he tries to use mark on a hero that dies during the windup he just whiffs it and the cooldown resets.

I don’t have him gold or plat yet but since his silver has a long cooldown, his gold is bad too. Best case is that an AI runs out of the fire and then runs back in like an idiot and stays there (happens sometimes with other ground effects) - but even in that edge case you can’t justify giving him gold for that unless you only want him for bounties.

His plat looks just like the others, small bonuses that don’t even come close to justifying the huge power price tag - especially on a hero that has garbage DPS in the first place.


Yup, he seems like another hero tailor made for min/maxers. Why go past his silver, or even bronze when the other skills seem pretty lackluster? Right now the only good UAF heroes are Nightingale and Panzer so I doubt fielding a full team will be worth the platinum power increase it comes with. His gold will be easy to dodge, as all AoE are.

Rolling Thunder might be decent depending the damage. I assume it will be fairly low since it hits all enemies on the battlefield though. That just leaves his bronze skill, which seems like it could present serious issues. Lowering the max health, marking, heal blocking, AND making your entire team focus fire on the target? This will lead to the targeted hero going down in a matter of seconds. Any 3 of those 4 affects would be great, but all together seem like they are a bit much. Then add in if you get a kill it’s reset and I see the makings for yet another OP skill.

Of course it will have to be seen the CD on these skills and Wesson’s actual damage/health. If those are low enough it might not be an issue. As it stands though, I think we have another problem hero coming.

If a health increase skill increases 60k HP, and you are at 100% HP, you’ll get the whole 60k HP. But if you are at 50% HP, you will still be at 50% HP after the increase, which means you only get 30k HP to your current health.

I guess health reduction works the same way as health increase. Which means a % will be applied regardless. If your Wesson reduces Max health by 50k. He will reduce a % of that 50k according to the current %HP of the target. (10% HP target will see his HP reduced by 5k, etc)

I made the same assessment; squishy, hits like a lightweight, long charge up time, mediocre damage on airstrike attack. His bronze skill was ok but nothing game changing. By the time it charges, you’re either dominating the fight and it’s irrelevant or you’re losing so badly it’s also irrelevant.

Played a few duels, set at platinum with full uaf team. Still lackluster, but that’s based off 6-12 matches. Just my $0.02.

I unlocked him
And for a start
In pvp
5* silver lvl 70 and bronze is at lvl 40

Combined with panzer and nightangle is deadly combo
I reacharged his death mark 3 times in 15 secs
And the match was over in 35 secs
I didnot even had the time to use his silver abaility
When he marks an enemy nightangle marks the same enemy and the effect on the enemy is doubled and killed in instant

I think pvp next week will be burning hell
And this forum will be burned to the ground with demands to nerf him
Happy weesssooon hunting

Ps developers : by adding weapons stats r u reffering that developing weapons will be in ur feature interest??? (plz respond)


Limited experience but he dies fast and his bronze skill charges slowly. Doesn’t seem overpowered to me.

Is Wesson broken or do I misunderstand him?

Here I am playing him with a few super weak heroes in a very early campaign mission, just for testing things out. As yon can see near the end I use my bronze skill and it kills an enemy but the promised 100% recharge doesn’t happen.

if the enemy total health is less than the amount of health this skill decreases the skill doesn’t recharge? Not a big issue but might be “somewhat” an issue for some players in Gauntlet missions.

ULF I don’t think your special.got off before the elite was killed.

I tried to get him yesterday from a crate but I just gave me a hero I already had and it didn’t say I would get that cuz I looked at the tiers

Getting him from the first tier is near impossible. It just shows four random guys you can get but there are others you might get also.
If you really, badly, need Wesson now then he’s guaranteed in tier 4 crate. I got mine from tier 3 crate though.

Sorry. I sent the wrong reply.
Fix Wesson!

Edit 2:
Or no, I regret my first edit. I think I put a relevant question.
Did you try him out vs. a full health target? Or a wounded one?

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