Bounties changes coming?

Sorry if there is a thread open already havent seen one. Is their any bounties changes coming? I used to love bounties now it feels like a job very boring. Spawn rate horrible. And you spend to get a boss when I hit to attack the boss their already people in it. I just summoned it how can it be dead or half the alliances gang banging it lol. Was wondering what people thought. If their was only 3 bosses one bio, one mech, one energy boss with super high health like 3 billion or something. But you wouls have less fighting over who killing it or what not. You get points based on damage done. If killed get extra. When we summon can be more money like 300k to summon certain bosses etc.


That’s an interesting idea. Bounty is pretty boring for me too.

It would be cool to see a mega bounty where it takes 10x people to take down, but you’d get uber points. Something where it requires a coordinated attack. Current bounty system is pretty stagnant.

An interesting idea, make it more raid like rather then individual bounties

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