Bounty Element Type

Not sure if any other alliances are experiencing this but every bounty it seems as though the types of bounties being summoned are always leaning heavily to one side. Luckily these last 2 have been peoples guard and patriots which is split kind of even so it doesn’t really matter. Our bounty board stays at about 90% energy though which doesn’t make sense when the new hero is a bio, you’d think you would receive more bio and mech bounties so you can flex with the new hero. Last month for uaf it was 90% mech and the one before that it was similar. I’m not sure why it can’t just be an even split of the elements. Just wondering if any other alliances are experiencing this.

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Again, it’s a common thing that happens to anyone, just get rid of them instead of letting them pile up

I’m not saying we don’t get rid of them. We get rid of them and then get more energy. Just kind of boring killing the same element type. All good I was just asking a question no problem.

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Search “not enough bio bounties”

If I knew how to close this topic I would.