Your thoughts on the new Bounty system

As usual of late, I was pretty pessimistic on how this new incarnation would work. Bounty has always been my favorite play format. I was upset at the last changes but refrained from commenting. Frankly the abuse the devs got in VIP was unnecessary and went way past sharp criticism and into personal attacks.

I was fine with the old system, but I really like how this new Bounty plays out. It’s more engaging than last Bounty yet feels very fast. I think they may have found the sweet spot on the timer. Kudos to the devs. What does everyone else think?

Completely agree, I’ve found myself manually playing more often and even using weaker teams when I have time. Think its a perfect balanced between time you have to put in relative to the outcome you get. I’m able to empty a full charge on my main 3 teams in well under 15 minutes and still feel like I did a decent amount of damage.

The ability starting charge is the key I think. I’m usually able to get 2-5 bronze ability’s off on heroes that depend on them. With min on my team, I’m able to get all 3 of hivemind’s drones up by the start of the 2nd wave which is a huge plus compared to last event!

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I like that you can actually shoot the bounty starting at 1 min. It was so frustrating watching 5-6 precious seconds ticking away last bounty before you could engage.

The current format is nice and I like it - better than the previous bounty FOR SURE and slightly better than the old format.

Only one thing… got to drastically increase the bounty spawn rate!


It’s a lot better then last bounty only bad thing is u have to summon bounty using in game cash I used all my in game stamina and it summoned 1 bounty.ive spent bout 1.5milnin game money in a day of bounty summoning

Bounty. 1 ok / 1 please urgent change

Hello. I’d like to give you a positive feedback on the Bounty event. 2 waves and 1:05 minutes is very good. BUT there are far too few goals. Partly we have no goal at all more or only 1 goal. Please fix this urgently in the running bounty.

Awsome to see all that hate and people going bezerk :biohazard::radioactive: only to see a really much improved bounty 2 weeks later.

Awesome work devs, thank you

I agree. The drop rate needs to increase significantly. We’re always out of bounties.

I have reported this to support. Players are spending millions in game cash spawning targets. It’s killing the event

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True, I just did 2 full gauntlet runs and 0 spawns

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