Alliance raid boss event?

So as usual it is bounty weekend so we are all busy doing bounty.

Not sure if anyone mentioned this before, I was thinking instead of fighting against a bunch of random heroes, how about we only fight against maybe 5 heroes?

Like a raid boss event, each of the bosses can has tons of HP, the whole alliance need to take as many down as possible, we get prizes for defeating each one.

For the amount of HP the boss has, maybe it could be depending on the alliance’s total power? Like alliance war, alliances are separated to different ranks and higher rank alliances get better rewards as the boss would be tougher.

I think this event could give more diversity to this game, bounty events feel like chores sometimes.

Not to mention this event could prevent things like people taking other’s bounties or bounty jump etc.

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Love this idea! doesn’t even need to replace the current bounty system.
Just add like a 1% chance at summoning a “Bounty Boss” or something like that.

It would have like a big ton more hp. Like a normal one being 37500000 and giving 200MP. And the boss having 300 million HP and giving more based on stats, One you bring down together with your whole alliance. Or like what has been said. One equal to the whole alliance their power + every bracket for example. So for legendary that would be 400-500 million for example

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