Bounties Team Loading Error

I selected a team, hit play, then a totally different team entered the bounty. this just happened to me twice in a row.

Anyone else experiencing this? I assume this is probably because of server problems. I hope this is resolved soon because it is a big kick in the nuts when I select my biochem team for a mech bounty and instead my sapphyr and other energy heroes get put in …

Adding to the strangeness of this error, the second time it happened was with a “Required Hero Fischer” Clyde bounty. But when I hit play my energy B team got loaded (thank god it wasn’t Saph). When the match ended it claimed stamina from BOTH my energy B team AND the biochem Fischer team I intended to load. to add insult to injury, I got credited for doing 1.1 million damage consistent with what my energy B team would do to a mech bounty, not the 6 million plus my Fischer team would have done. Fischer alone would have done at least 2 million.

This is a terrible, terrible bug HHG …

Yeah I had this happen several times, but it’s not the worst glitch I am dealing with.

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