Team Loading Errors

I just played a few matches in the current tournament and had the totally wrong team load into the match 3 times. It happened to me on my first match of the day and I thought maybe I had made a mistake. Then it happened again right after that. The third and fourth matches I played loaded the correct team, then it happened again in the 5th match.

This also happened to me a few times during bounties. Please take note, HHG.

Could you please give a bit more information? What screens did you go through, what did you expect vs what did you see?

Could you please send all that detail to our support team? We will get much more data if you send this bug report through the game as well!

Sure. I selected the KLG Black Ops Mastery Tournament. Hit “To Battle” then went to the hero selection screen. The heroes I had last used in “Free Play” were loaded by default. These heroes are: Hideo, Razorback, Fortress, Caine, Mandrake. I changed these to: Odachi, Halo, Fortress, Caine and Mandrake. Then I hit play. A couple seconds into the match I noticed I was not controlling Odachi, but rather Hideo. Then I saw I was using the team that was loaded by default before I switched them out.

The first time it happened (my first match of this tournament) I wasn’t expecting it so I thought I had made a mistake. Therefore I paid much more attention in my second match. Made sure I had chosen the correct heroes (Odachi, Fortress, etc.), and saw them clearly in the loading screen before the match began. But once in the match my heroes were Hideo, Razor, Fortress, etc. As I mentioned this happened to me again I believe in my 5th match, after I had successfully loaded my Odachi team in the 3rd and 4th matches.

I played several more matches after that and it did not happen to me again. One other oddity. I received 2 öffline match results" mails for matches I had apparently won with my Hideo team, but I never disconnected in any other those matches. Furthermore, I won all 5 of those initial matches losing only one heart on Mandrake, but in one of my öffline match results" my Hideo had died as well. This led me to believe that somehow duplicate matches had been played with my heroes in äuto" I have no idea as this is all very strange and complicated. I wish had recorded a video of it.

This happened to me as well. Not the last tournament, but many times before. My observation is that my internet connection was not good at this time.

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