Frequent Bounty desync

Bounty health increases once the map loads. After finishing, I get a desync and HH restarts.

I have teh same Problems. Not always a desync paired with the health increase, but both happened to me

The bounty health is something I think I have seen happen to a guild member on the last bounty.

I saw him doing EXACT numbers of damage to bounties. Like 1.350.000. Made me think that maybe he hunted a low level bounty that somehow got upgraded after “dying”.

Maybe it was a sync bug all the time.

It happened a few times, that for a short moment the bounty I hunted before appeared at the damage screen in the end. After half a second it switched to the right one.
So it really could be a sync problem and you start with the HP of the hero you fought before.

Oh, I’ve seen that split second change in bounties too, and in PvP victory/defeat screen.

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