Bounty & Alliance changes

I have a question.

What current status quo for peoples who decided change their alliances during Bounty Event?

They will get rewards for alliance where they ended Bounty? Or they got rewards from previous alliance by mail like with Alliance War mode? Or they don’t grab any rewards from no one from two alliances?

We need some peoples for upcoming war, but we don’t wanna leave this peoples without hardworking rewards from Bounty.

Pretty sure people who change alliances don’t get any rewards if they change in the middle of an event, regardless of the rewards of both alliances.

Without any pause between Bounty and War you don’t have any other way.

You will get the new alliances bounty ranks reward. War however, you get the rewards for the alliance you were locked into

Will he get reward from new alliance if they have used all 25 spots before he joined?

He obtains alliance reward if he can participate, if 25 already participated he will not be able to obtain