People who join alliance just to claim reward in bounty event

What do you think about people who join your alliance just to claim the reward and left after get the reward or milestone reward? I’m kinda sad about this :slightly_frowning_face:

They actually don’t get the reward.

Really? I’m not talking about the final reward but the milestone reward, they can claim it or not? :thinking:

They don’t get the milestone rewards which the alliance already unlocked before the players arrived.

Final rewards? Not sure about that.

@Justice95 They can only claim the milestone rewards that haven’t been reached prior to their joining.

So, for instance if your alliance is at 19,970 / 20,000 on Milestone #2 when they join, they cannot claim all the other rewards that have been reached already, but they will be able to claim the Milestone #2 once another 30 points is attained.

Oh I understand now, so if they already reached the milestone before my alliance they can’t claim it again right? :thinking: :grin: