Bounty Arenas

Hi Devs,

I was thinking it would be nice to swap out the levels/arenas that are currently being used for bounty. I love bounty and I think it would freshen up the weekend hunt if there were maybe a half dozen or so new random arenas.

Seasonal themed bounty arenas would be cool as well. I know there are seasonal/holiday events, but chasing down a bounty in a snow storm or a graveyard would be pretty damn cool.


Those of us long time players would certainly love a freshness added to bounty. It’s always been the same thing. Not just new areas to play in, but added features would be nice, not sure what could be added, I’m sure you guys could look come up w/ something. :slight_smile:


Great idea.
I like it.

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They can start by adding better rewards :slight_smile:

Dude… Good call. Love the fresh new arenas and love the seasonal arena idea. Please devs!

Oh man, this will be a good call. Im getting tired of the dsame map, same boutny, ho hum. we could also use some other people that woudl fight alongide the bounty

You have my vote. On all ideas named.

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