Bounty idea

Given that many of us are home bound most of the time, I was wondering what others would think about weekly bounty (if it’s possible at this point) until things return to some semblance of normalcy? Something to kill time.


i think we did have a moment that there was weekly bounties or so. and it became overwhelming. if you look at the calendar, all the events are posted. it would be too much with all the upcoming blitzes to be made. doesnt mean that some time later on it wont happen

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I believe events are scheduled well in advance, so despite the quarantine, I think the current schedule is set in stone. Less is sometimes more in these kinds of cases.

I too seem to recall it was weekly at one time and you’re correct, it was too much, but that was when we had lives outside our homes; now, not so much for many of us; just a thought for a temp time filler

I would go crazy with more bounties. Rewards are great and all, but soooooo repetitive for sooooo long

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I agree that it becomes very repetitive. I get to the point I just auto with non bonus heros lol

Perhaps adding a small amount of XP to each bounty so we can get to lvl 100 before 2021?

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Personally I’d rather not, I hate trying to keep up trying to hit the minimum because I’m weaker than anyone else in my alliance. Too much work :P.

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Join an alliance more fitting to your power or more likely your efforts in reaching minimum.
Never had a problem reaching minimum even with me being second lowest power in the alliance aaaaaaaaaand it’s a second account.

Oof there is no task the mighty GODLANTE cant handle

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No thanks. How it is atm is perfect.

I just recently started their other game, forged fantasy and it appears bounty switches by the games. Like forged fantasy bounty is this weekend. Hero hunters in next weekend. I recommend playing both games. Might help fill the void etc.

I feel like it is real frustrating, that the game may be fun and all but it’s still but repetitive in nature. It’s boring always having the same things. I notice with forged fantasy they do different events than what I saw here, in hero hunters. Like an event to earn stamina based on bounty points. Maybe they can do that or with gold too.

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