Bounty Balancing

Is there possibly a way we can balance how strong or weak the bounties we randomly get or even discuss it a bit?

So I was using quick win ticket to grind for some crafting items. And in the span of a minute I unlocked three bounties-

LV 40 6* Gold Butters
LV 40 6* Gold Halloway
LV 50 6* Gold2 Maven

Now, while my Team Level is 43 and I have almost 18k total power. My highest ranking hero is a LV 24 5* Bronze1 Heckler.

So I’m possibly thinking take your average power level (Total power divided by number of unlocked characters) and have bounties with that power level have a higher percentage of showing up while bounties stronger or weaker than that can still show up every now and then for the alliance members stronger or weaker than you.

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