Can we please discuss bounty

Does anybody actually like the bounty event? It is so unbelievably boring. You just auto for 30+ mins at a time and burn your phone battery. The rewards are decent but for 3 days of constantly attending such a mindless event it doesn’t seem worth it. Would like some feedback on this, I don’t really see how anyone can enjoy it.


So far I like it. It’s a great way to measure your progress which I think is a fun thing. My first Bounty event I scored 12 Million, this time 750 million.

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Never found it boring, but never found it fun either.

I just do the bounties just because it helps my alliance plus it gives you a ton of helpful rewards. I don’t know where you are in the game but even the small milestone and rank rewards for me are a nice incentive to do the bounties.

I find melting the Mechanical element bounties hella satisfying, though. Watching Maven, Salvatore, and Cast using all of their abilities at once on someone like a bounty Galante is a wonderful sight. Beautiful green numbers.


For me this is the only great thing in Bounty. The rewards are good, but if you are at a certain level, the rewards are merly compensating the effort. Someone wrote that he is getting much more fragments, if he is just helping his Ally to get into top 100 and play PvP for the rest of the time and if you have your first 10* hero this is true and the difference gets bigger and bigger the more 10* heroees you get.

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Hahaha, I find your post 100% relatable.

I would like to suggest an idea based off the Alliance Patrols:
I think adding a ~2-5% chance for a bounty to yield a Bonus reward when defeated every now and then would give the event the extra kick that it needs.

  • 20 shards of ‘said’ bounty defeated?
  • Stamina refill?
  • Bucks?
  • Gold?

But for God’s sake, please no more quickwin tickets…:weary::gun:


Don’t forget the XP :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Or may some craft items. A knife or star ervery now and then. May be equal to the Bounty you killed. Platinum Items for Platinum Bounty, Gold for Gold and so on.

@WalleWu, that was me saying PvP is worth more then top 50 bounties.

I also said that the 30k milestone is to low

Seems the top 100 is getting x2 the points

Place 26 got 150.000 points, and only gets 15 fragments more. Doesn´t seem right to me. They may should make the brackets smaller. I suggested Platinum Items in the last thread.

Place 26-30 60 Frags and 20 Platinum Stars and Knives
Place 31-40 60 Frags and 10 Platinum Stars and Knives
Place 41-50 60 Frags and 5 Platinum Stars and Knives
Place 51-75 45 Frags and 20 Golden Stars and Knives
Place 76-100 45 Frags and 10 Golde Stars and Knives
(Just examples to make clear what I think of)

Something like that would make it more interesting to push ypur bounty a bit further.


And a small milestone increase would help, even if it’s just bucks

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, keep it coming!


I couldn’t agree more with the original post. Bounties have stop being fun and become more of job for an entire weekend to keep your position intact. Many players are getting burned out by it.

Few ideas and suggestions:

  1. Lives should restore less often (like pvp 2/3 times a day). Even having bounties just once a month would help like it was little while back.
  2. Alliance has all power level people. More often bounties show up are more suitable for higher power people. Need good balance there.
  3. Why couldn’t bunch of bounties just stay with infinite health and you get points after certain amount of damage dealt. Right now people end up wasting effort by hitting bounties at the same time.
  4. In recent Cinder/Flatline featured event we saw more flatline featured bounties than cider. There was a day when we barely saw any cider bounties. If bounties are just randomly presented then there is unfair advantage for alliance who might get more featured bounties than others.

Give me some of those quick win tickets a iam playing pvp for a month and opened alot of crates and all i have is frags and buck .LOL

that Number 2 Milestone Reward needs an improvement.

very true. that second milestone is just FML. my alliance is top 170 something and we barely made it thru the 1st milestone just hours before event expiry.

as long as its alliance wide… im perfectly ok with this lol… because If its individual i can see a lot of in clan fighting.

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Yes, just as the alliance patrol bonus rewards are given to all members of the alliance, I think this should also. Yeah, I could see a lot of fighting too if it was given to individuals. Lol.

I dont think the rewards are worth what you have to put in to be a top alliance. 3 days of grinding for less than you can get in a good one day brawl.

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+1 to the OP bounties who can only be done by our top 3 players. Generation of bounties should be distributed according to alliance members capabilities.

+1 to random rewards alliance wide like patrols.

I think the bounty level depents on the missions you do. So if you do Mission 1-10 you get an easy one, if you do 10-10 you get a Platinum +3.